Friday, July 15, 2011

Why change is good

Hey all I just wanted to say how sorry I am for letting this blog collect dust for about 2 months. A lot have happened in those two months that I will go over in the this and in the next post. In this post I used my unicorn  cards to explain change and why its so important. Hopefully you won't be scared off my by new agey ways haha! Anyway enjoy and I hope this post helps anyone that is struggling with changes in their own life.

A message from the unicorns and myself

This started a few years back. I was only 18 and was at a cross road on what to do with my life. I always wanted to be a game designer or something of that nature because of my love for videos games, design and art. At the same time, in my heart of hearts I had something else pulling at my soul, being humble in maintaining my life through a self made business. A way that I can work with my hands, be happy and make others happy too. Its was hard to think of this as a career choice because I learned that it was hard to accomplish, and that I had no clue where to start. But over a matter of thinking and believing in the law of attraction I figured it was worth my life to achieve something that I truly wanted.

Since then things have happened to help support my efforts in my dream of a self made business. I named this new company of mine "The Candy Sanctuary" (the link takes you to the blog) and its been my heart and soul for many years. Everything I did was solely for that one purpose, to see it prosper and to see myself as a self made success. Yet things have been going against my favor for I have gotten caught up in many many opinions over the years. Not to say that everything I did was wrong or that it wasn't meant to be but my heart and brain wasn't in sync. My brain wanted to be the most hippest, different, and cutting edge "clay sweets and kawaii" company of its kind. I fell into the trap of following what I see to steer me into a place where only my heart could take me.

You see, even though I wanted to be the above mentioned things a big part of me just wanted that simple aesthetic of being myself. However my brain told me that I had to fit into certain roles to achieve success like the other crafters I was seeing. I had to have a certain "look" and "feel" that will attract my target market. I also had to think about cheaper prices then I wanted to be paid for because of the economy. All these things and more truly dug into my skin and made the back bone that I relied on to succeed.

In the recent year I woke up a bit to what I was doing and decided to change my style. I made it more "me" but kept in mind what my company was about. I have gotten into communities that did the same things as me and I learned from that also. I learned to be a little more truer to myself but things were still missing, things still needed to change, and I was still holding on the same basic handles of "reality".

 The biggest mistake I made in this was being overly personal with my "brand" and "identity". I was like a mother that wouldn't let her child roam free with the other kids. I kept my brand close to me and didn't do anything that might meant failure or a "rocking of the boat" sort of speak. I felt that this was my very blood and flesh, I didn't want to do anything to tarnish its name because it will directly reflect on me. When I made social accounts for TCS like twitter and facebook I didn't do anything out the box. I wanted to go by my own rules and not do anything that I felt like was "trying to hard". I didn't want to seem like a flake and over advertise my brand as well. It all was something in truth that I was deathly afraid of.

I didn't want to fail in someway, I didn't want people to think ill of me or my products, I didn't want to seem like someone that wanted something so bad. So bad that I would run over other people to get it.

This is just my wake up call that its okay to be outwardly passionate about my crafts. Not just show them to other people but to want to get paid for them. To be a true business and to be true on behalf of my heart, to really strive and take "risks" to get there. I made this journey way harder then it had to be because of me wanting something so bad but not going far enough to get there. I also still relied on the handle bars of reality to make me a success where only my true unlimited self can take me. I know this now and its yet again, time for change.

When I say change, I want to start over again and to build The Candy Sanctuary from the ground up again. Instead of changing the shell I'm changing the concept, the soul of it into something that was "me" from the beginning to end. No exceptions, no outside opinions, no compromises for anything or anyone. I'm making this into something I truly love because I know that I will be loved for being true to myself and my beliefs in life. I have to lead so others can see what "being your truth" means. Not disregarding other people but having enough faith in yourself that your not looking for the answers outside of your heart. You must spread your own wings and fly to your true destiny because that is the only way to get there.

Other people's wings won't work for you, those wings isn't your true desire. :)

Unless you want to wonder why things don't work for you no matter how hard you try.

So now I want to personally ask the unicorns about change and why its so important, since they told me my decision of my change was a great idea. (In fact that reading was the very reason I started this article haha)

The cards that I drew was:

Let Go of stress!

Best Friends


So here is the unicorns perception of change:

The reason why we say that change is so good because it is happening in everyday life. Everything changes everyday, even your body changes every second of every minute. If you're feeling bored, angry, or sad, you need change. A change in thoughts and a change of feelings.

Change is what keeps us moving forward even if it's as sacred as a person's dream. The very first desire that you wanted to achieve maybe very different from the one you get to, simply because you changed. Something didn't work or something better came along and you changed your desire into something better.

Don't not be afraid of change, its a welcoming force that wants to take you in every moment of its moment. It guides us to make better decisions, it challenge us to see the truth and it makes us into the people that we are now.

If your afraid of change of any kind tell the unicorn kingdom that you need help. We are always there for everyone that need a change of any kind. If you want to move then this is your wake up call that its okay to want that and change.

Change is good, change is required and is open to everyone that wants it. If you resist the changes in your life yes, things will get very difficult and more unpleasant but with an open mind you can make these changes in your life work for you and anyone that you want to see as a success.

Trust us, we had to change too and it was the best decision that we all chose to make. Be strong all of you because a lot of change have been happening, take our hands (or hooves) and you will be guided into your own utopia through change.

Take care and lots of love,

                                    The unicorn kingdom    

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