Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Miniature Cakes and Inspirations

As I was browsing my image gallery of fake clay sweets and decoden I washed up on some old inspirations! I can't remember exactly where I got the images from since its been some time since I got them, but I think there are from online stores that produce them.

If your interested in taking your clay cakes to the next level or just need that boost of inspiration or ideas you came to the right place!

I hope you guys just got as inspired as I did, till next time take care! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My favorite tumblrs

Hey all long time no see!

Tumblr is by far one of my favorite places to "gain inspiration" for the simple fact that you can find amazing pictures, quotes, and people that like the same things as you do! In fact I was suppose to do this type of entry before but I never got around to it and this was before I joined the site. Once I dig deeper into the "cute" community of tumblr I was hooked!  So now I'm showing you my few favorite tumblrs from the day I landed face first into the site.

These places consist of my favorite things: pink, lolita, cute crafts, deco den, fairy kei, and so much more. The more you drive into these blogs the more awesome you will see. So for anyone that likes the above things and/or this blog I 100% recommend these sites for you!

Oh yes and my own tumblr is Here 

I hope this helps you find your total sweet tooth! I have plenty more to show but I will save them for another day ( it give me material to post about ).

Have a great day and take care! 
Images by Freepik