Hello and welcome my personal art and creativity blog!

I'm all about expressing myself and my creativity and this is my home for my ever evolving style!

My blog is about my quest for finding the right inspirations for my creative expressions. Whether it's anime, vintage paintings, sweets crafting or other wise, I'm consistently on the hunt for the next big inspiration for my forever expanding world.

Besides seeking inspiration, I love to create projects with the following themes: video game design, sweets, Japanese Lolita street fashion, magical girls, spirituality, angels, fairy tales and everything cute and tragic in life.

I will post things that move me, interest me and what I think is out of this world cool in my own mind.

Besides artistic things, I also talk about my life as an artist and what makes me tick. Basically this blog is all about my life and how I see it. I want to show the world who I am and what my world consist of in each and every post I make. I also want to inspire others to follow their dreams no matter what they might contain or what people might think about them. I'm all about a dream revolution and a world where creativity, magic, and sensitivity rule. Come join me in a magical journey! ;)  
Images by Freepik