Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Christmas and New Year plans...

Hey all and welcome to my blog once again! Unfortunately I have no sweets deco to show you. I haven't even completed my ear phone deco since I've been busy with X-mas and friends. And now I have my room to clean out to fit my new brand new computer that I got a few weeks ago. I actually got the parts on X-mas eve installed them, (on my own for the first time ever) and started working on putting all the programs I needed on my new computer. I got pictures of everything I got in fact... 

My new computer! I only got the tower up and running right now
So pretty!
My new web cam, it works great and I even tested for live stream!
The new monitor that came with my computer I'll install it once I have it in my room!
Some really cute hello kitty slippers that my sister got me. I love them they really keep my feet warm!

Since I started working on my new computer (I call her gate, yes I name my stuff) everything has been a breeze to do! Its so fast and quiet I've been doing so much that I wasn't able to do before. I'm so in love with my baby! I have so much art I want to work on and so many programs I want to learn.

As far as my new year plans I have a ton! The first one is getting my new blog design completed. I've been working on it and its coming along and with my html knowledge I've been able over come some obstacles and even add a few things! My second and most significant plan is the start of my business and start selling my stuff. I've started my business plan for the new year and I'm excited for the journey ahead! I have so much in store for this coming year I hope you guys will still be following and new comers will be drawn here as well!

Thanks for reading, I'll see you all soon!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sweet pastel Biscuit cookie hair pin

Sweets Deco Hair Pin

Hey all! I’m back again with more old work sorry! But you’ll love this one; it’s a cookie hair pin with strawberry syrup and swarovski crystal.

I used window paint for the syrup; the nozzle was perfect to get that “drippy” look just right. I tried to pick more up from the last Michaels trip I had but they didn’t have the brand I wanted (boo). So I guess I will have to make another trip to my Michaels that is two hours away. A long trip indeed but I always come out with a bunch of new things to experiment with! 

I have yet to wear it, my hair is messy and I wouldn’t want my hair to get caught up in the pin. As soon as I get my hair done, I’m going to try it out.

Among other things I just got done my favorite picture of the year! I love the style I have it in and I will make my Candy Sanctuary waitress in this style. It just exudes cuteness and girlyness, perfect for my new layout. I will also order the computer parts that I will need for my new computer. My tech savvy friend didn’t get back to me but I’m confident that I found the pieces I needed.

Oh and before I forget if you have Twitter or Face book you can add me! I don’t really use either except for updates from my blog.

I hope you all enjoy this sugary sweet post. Have a good day!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sweets deco Cookies

Hey all!

It’s been a while since I last posted. Nothing much has been happening in my sweets deco adventures but I have made some new cookies.

I made some of them from molds and I also tried to make my own custom shaped cookies. You can tell which one it is, the shooting start one. I’ll make some icing and decorate it like a real cookie. I want to practice it more too since it was a lot of fun. 

I just got done a really huge picture for an awesome calendar project here. It was really fun and the picture will be apart of a calendar that will be sold all around the world! As soon as it’s released I’ll send you all link!

Now that I finally got that picture done I want to continue my ear phones sweet deco. I have to make more cookies because I want it to be pastel colored. I’ll probably do that some time soon like tomorrow morning. I also just got some new icing tips and acrylic paint! I can’t wait to try them all out.

Besides that nothing new has happened deco wise. I got a new computer and waiting to buy the parts to add for it. Once that done I can do all the multimedia things that I love to do and not worry about the computer lagging! :D

I hope everyone is having a great month. I’ll be sure to post again soon about my sweets deco projects!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sweets Deco Macaroons Tutorial

How to make sweets deco macaroons

I love macaroons hands down. They are by far my favorite things to make in sweets deco so far. They just have this cuteness like no other pastry or sweet. Short, tiny, colorful and ever so sweet the macaroon! 
Another reason why I love making macaroons so much because they are super easy to make and decorate! Great for any decoden project from sweet frames to sweet hair clips. Whatever sweets deco adventure you’re on count on macaroon to get the job done! Top them with syrup, whip cream, crystals, cookies just to name a few things you can do the macaroon! 

If you want to be super adventurous with the macaroon try a macaroon tower! Who can deny such sweet awesomeness? Each one laid out one by one to create something beautiful, you can’t beat that.

I got all kind of tutorials some for air clay, polymer clay and even a video tutorial on macaroons.

And a Japanese tutorial I found on Google while on my search!

Happy crafting!

Thanks for visiting my sweets deco macaroon tutorial post!
Images by Freepik