Monday, November 29, 2010

Sweets deco cream puff necklace

My new sweets deco cream puff necklace

Here is one of my favorite recent pieces that I made about 2 weeks ago, my beloved cream puff necklace!

It was the first time I made a cream puff so making it was really exciting! I think my favorite part about making it was adding the “whip cream” and the spoon sticking out of it. It looked pretty good till my damn glove touched the cream and messed up the perfect look of it. When I added the top part of the cream puff, the cream started to squeeze out a bit, among other unwanted things that happened. None the less I love it and it looks absolutely delicious!

Once the cream cured I added the toppings and polymer clay sparkles on top. That’s when I started falling in love with my necklace.

I got some gold chain and hooked the cream puff to it but it looked like it could use a tune up, so I added the whip cream and Eiffel tower to the chain. Thus completing this cream puff necklace journey. I showed my family and they love it. I myself want to make smaller cream puff necklaces in the future.

Other then that, I’ve been working on my new blog design. Just looking through tutorials on how to make it better and adding personal touches to it. It’s so much fun going through the html and altering it to your liking. I want to study up on html more so I can know more about it and hopefully make my own full design one day. I have a really good book on it from college but I might just look online for tutorials so I can have that “hands on” experience. Well that’s all for today, I’ll make sure to update soon!

Thanks for reading about my sweets deco cream puff!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fairy Kei Sweets Deco Macaroon DS Charm

Do you like sweets deco with your gaming, I sure do! This next piece is my newest DS charm. The colors where inspired by the fairy kei fashion. I love love LOVE the pastel colors of the fashion and just the old vintage feel of it all. A lot of fashion reminds me of my childhood the fashion is drawn from the 80’s and 90’s after all.

Anyway, since my “Chunky Macaroon Charm” was way too big to loop in the small charm strap I had to make a smaller one, thus my fairy Kei macaroon charm was born!

My favorite part of making the macaroons was adding the very glamorous sparkles to the clay! I had brought a few different colors of sparkles earlier this year. I was going to use them for my resin, but since that never happened I thought I should experiment with them in my clay crafts. Before I made the shapes of the macaroons I just added some sparkles in the clay and kneaded it in the clay. If I didn’t see enough sparkles then I just add more. The end result was really nice though you can’t see the sparkles very well. Here’s a picture where you can see a sparkle haha.

Really exciting, but next time I’ll add more sparkles in the clay so it will show more. I want the charm to blind me!

Another reason I love this project so much because it was my first time adding swarovski crystals to my charms. Well actually the second, but it wasn’t messy and a total pain. The crystals look great in the light and just add to that girly cuteness to my macaroon charm!

I have to admit out of all the sweets I can make in sweets deco, macaroons are probably a close number one.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Welcome to my sweets deco blog!

After a much needed hiatus and break I’m back with plenty of sweets deco for everyone to devour!

After a break from my sweets deco I decided to give it another go and fell in love with it all over again. I was so stressed out doing them that I just didn’t want to bother with it. But I got my “groove” back and ready to start over… again.

My break out piece is my chunky macaroon bag charm. I finished it weeks ago and was my first bag charm ever so I’m really proud of it.

This is my favorite picture of it which I posted on TheO.

All my family and friends loved the piece, so much that my mom requested one!

I have more finished pieces but I don’t want to show them all in one day.

Besides that I’m still somewhat stressing over this blog design. The one I was working on before the break I don’t like anymore, so I’m pretty much back at square one. I do have one idea that I’m going to go with just to get it out the way, a sweets menu theme! It should be fun vectoring the sweets and naming them.

Since I’m talking about art, I started working in illustrator and making vector images. It’s really fun and different from what I usually do. My art have been getting better and I have a lot more confidence in it. So much that I joined the Manga Bullet Calendar project. So you will be able to buy a calendar with my art in it!

Going back to my sweet deco adventures, I decided to deco my Sony earphones! They are small so the work space is perfect for me. It’s going to be the first time I did this kind of deco but I know it will go well. I will also make one or two x-mas macaroon towers! I brought some foam cones for the project and everything. I’m really excited to start those soon but I will need some more caulk before I start. I’m down to my last one right now.

Thanks for reading about my sweets deco and a happy thanksgiving to you all! See you next time!
Images by Freepik