Sunday, March 16, 2014

Star Bell Prince Sketch

Whoa, I drew some more! I didn’t see that coming haha.

I was up early this morning and was debating with my procrastination with drawing. But I finally got over myself and sketch out an idea of a fantasy species inspired by all the adoptables that I see everywhere now.

kawaii sketch anime bell prince

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Blog Theme and Cake Girl Banner WIP

anime girl cake blog

Hey all! I just wanted to update you all on some changes I made to my blog! 

I changed the theme of my blog into something a lot more cute and up to date. As much as I loved the simplicity of my last theme I wanted something more special and modern. I also decided that I wanted to blog about my love for the kawaii lifestyle. After years of seeing so many cute bloggers and vloggers I owed it to myself to fulfill my own dreams of embracing the kawaii culture. It’s really exciting because I get to indulge in all the things I want to talk about and love! And I get to show off all the fun things that I see online!

Images by Freepik