Friday, April 30, 2010

New packages and ideas!

Happy Friday!

I’m happy to say that a lot of my packages have been coming in this week. Including my glow in the dark paints, resin mold, glitter, and respirator! I have about 4 or 5 more things ready to come in. One of them is containing all my jewelry making supplies. Once I get that package I can truly make my cell phone charms and trinkets, I can’t wait! I have been also making sketches of the things I want to make. A lot of them are sweets but I also have been designing pictures for my resin pendants.

Lately I’ve been checking my list of things to do and seeing that since all my materials are coming in I should focus on designing my logo and brand. I had the very rough sketch in my note book so I finally gave the time to refine it this morning. I really like the way it came out!

I like to read about design especially for a company and branding so I decided to look in one of my graphic design books. A lot of it really expressed that the design should be able to translate what the product is about with out too much design clutter. Not to mention it still have to look nice. I was absorbing everything and looked at my own logo to see how mines stand against what I was reading. I think my logo might be busy and cluttered haha. Before I had my current logo idea I had no clue on what I wanted to look like at all. I wanted to express so many things to like candies, cafĂ©, rave, and the Lolita fashion that it was hard just to narrow it down to a certain genre. Then one day at work I just saw the perfect logo! It just flashed before my eyes. I sketched it down so I could remember what it looked like. Only till now I decided to draw out the logo completely. I’m planning to finish it in Photoshop too. Even though I really like the logo I’m going to play around with other ideas I have.

With my designing frenzy I wanted to sketch out my original idea of having different types of Lolita for each kind of product I had. Like for my sweets a sweet Lolita, the more tea time goodies would be represented by a gothic Lolita and so forth. For some reason I couldn’t really get a design down that I really like. Or even enjoy the process barely. It just seem like I was trying to get a blood out of a daisy. So then I decided to sketch a different mascot idea I had at while I was working. It was just a more generic girl in a “sweet punk” attire.

To my surprise I really like it. I don’t like her face or hair but the overall I enjoy the idea. Just a regular girl in really cool clothes wanting to stand out. I feel like I can identity with the character so that really tells me I should pursue this mascot design more.

Besides that I made a few ad designs, played Final Fantasy 13, and leveling up my pokemon in soul silver. XD

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings see you guys next time!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday morning thoughts

Good morning my loves!

It’s a Saturday morning and I’m feeling pretty good (and tired).

Yesterday I continued shopping for my supplies for my business. I got tons of pearls, a resin book and mold set, last but not least a cameo resin mold. I always wanted to work with resin; I see so many amazing pieces being made form it. You can be as creative as you want and boy do I have some ideas! Since I put in the order, my mind been formulating with plans. I’m thinking of putting my own pictures in the cameo piece, or some clay sweets. All the possibilities are endless!

While I was shopping on etsy, I was checking the price on 100 pack crystals instead of 75. I contacted the seller but she has yet to get back to me. I was thinking about getting acrylic rhinestones but I like crystals better. It really sparkles and adds a nice touch to everything it’s on. I really like them on macaroon charms and such. It adds such a cute factor to it.

The last things I need to get now are glow in the dark paint, pigments, a respirator, and sparkles. Then I might have enough to buy a subscription in the sites I’m in. So far so good though. That reminds me, I have to edit my latest craft photos and post them on my websites. I know people have been asking me about them so I want to make sure I give the people what they want!

On a more artistic note I’m finally starting the line art of my latest picture. I did most of the body and clothes. I’m on the shoes now and changed them a bit from the original sketch. I pretty much added an extra long sole of the shoe. I really like the change and it adds the more punk-ish style to the outfit. I should have that done today as well. I really have my work cut out for me today.

Thanks for reading! See you soon!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Huge craft shopping!

I’m finally on my way to getting much needed materials for my decoden and crafts. I was shopping at Mybeadjoy and got tons of supplies. Since my order was over $100 dollars it had free insurance. I asked if they do combined shipping and they took $15 dollars off my whole purchase! Then paypal started acting weird so I was up all night trying to get the payment through! Luckily, around 12-1AM it worked and went through so I could rest easy. I should be expecting that package around next month.

I also went over at Jo-ann’s website and they had a sale on Hearty clay. This will be perfect for my deco den molds! The molds I have will work much better with the hearty clay then the creative paper clay. I think because the hearty clay is more marshmallow like. In any case I just hope it works! I made sure I got a lot of the colors I needed. Which they only had pink, blue, black, and white but its fine. I also got a pasta machine for polymer clay that will be very useful for my clay cakes. The icing can be even and less of a hassle to put on and roll out by hand.

The last things on my list is to get some resin molds, flat pearls, rhinestones, crystals, and a respirator. After that I might look into getting a deco den book but I’m not sure.

Now the fun part begins… Thinking up all kinds of stuff to make! I know I want to make all kinds of cakes and pasties but I’ve been thinking about making Tokyo mew mew weapons. I wanted to make them before but I wasn’t as skill with the clay as I am now. I really want to make the strawberry bell; I have an idea to actually add a real bell that tinkles. X3

I might look into that more. Thanks for reading!
Images by Freepik