Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Huge craft shopping!

I’m finally on my way to getting much needed materials for my decoden and crafts. I was shopping at Mybeadjoy and got tons of supplies. Since my order was over $100 dollars it had free insurance. I asked if they do combined shipping and they took $15 dollars off my whole purchase! Then paypal started acting weird so I was up all night trying to get the payment through! Luckily, around 12-1AM it worked and went through so I could rest easy. I should be expecting that package around next month.

I also went over at Jo-ann’s website and they had a sale on Hearty clay. This will be perfect for my deco den molds! The molds I have will work much better with the hearty clay then the creative paper clay. I think because the hearty clay is more marshmallow like. In any case I just hope it works! I made sure I got a lot of the colors I needed. Which they only had pink, blue, black, and white but its fine. I also got a pasta machine for polymer clay that will be very useful for my clay cakes. The icing can be even and less of a hassle to put on and roll out by hand.

The last things on my list is to get some resin molds, flat pearls, rhinestones, crystals, and a respirator. After that I might look into getting a deco den book but I’m not sure.

Now the fun part begins… Thinking up all kinds of stuff to make! I know I want to make all kinds of cakes and pasties but I’ve been thinking about making Tokyo mew mew weapons. I wanted to make them before but I wasn’t as skill with the clay as I am now. I really want to make the strawberry bell; I have an idea to actually add a real bell that tinkles. X3

I might look into that more. Thanks for reading!

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