Thursday, October 20, 2011

Free Chocolate Falls wallpapers

Hey all, I made this wallpaper yesterday to further celebrate my new theme Chocolate Falls. They again come in two sizes and hopefully will satisfy your chocolate fix. :D Thanks for looking guys!

Blogger changed around a bit and you don't get to see the full size image itself when you click on it. To see it fully view the wallpaper in another tab and right click to save it in your computer.

Big size

Small size 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The crafts are back!

Hey all and welcome back to my blog! Well you probably notice that I haven't posted anything that I personally crafted in a long time. I think I explained this before but it was due to the very hot weather and my room being just too small to actively work on my crafts everyday.

Now that its Fall the weather have gotten a lot better and I knew that my passion would come back soon. But it really struck me when I started putting all my crafts onto the downstairs dinning room table. That's when my dad told me about the shelving unit that we had in the basement and he helped me put it up. Now instead of having all my supplies on the dinning room table while I'm crafting, I have a big shelf to house all my craft materials!

The shelf was finished and I started to prepare my things on the three selves, that's when I was hit with the most passion and inspiration for my work in months! All the various things that I can make flashed before my eyes and it only made my mouth water with endless creativity!

So yes expect lots of crafts, blogging, pictures, articles, inspirations, and just awesomeness for the months ahead! :D Oh yeah, do you guys like the new design I gave this place? I call it Chocolate Falls to celebrate the new season!

Thanks for reading and supporting me and I'll see you all soon!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Miniature Cakes and Inspirations

As I was browsing my image gallery of fake clay sweets and decoden I washed up on some old inspirations! I can't remember exactly where I got the images from since its been some time since I got them, but I think there are from online stores that produce them.

If your interested in taking your clay cakes to the next level or just need that boost of inspiration or ideas you came to the right place!

I hope you guys just got as inspired as I did, till next time take care! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My favorite tumblrs

Hey all long time no see!

Tumblr is by far one of my favorite places to "gain inspiration" for the simple fact that you can find amazing pictures, quotes, and people that like the same things as you do! In fact I was suppose to do this type of entry before but I never got around to it and this was before I joined the site. Once I dig deeper into the "cute" community of tumblr I was hooked!  So now I'm showing you my few favorite tumblrs from the day I landed face first into the site.

These places consist of my favorite things: pink, lolita, cute crafts, deco den, fairy kei, and so much more. The more you drive into these blogs the more awesome you will see. So for anyone that likes the above things and/or this blog I 100% recommend these sites for you!

Oh yes and my own tumblr is Here 

I hope this helps you find your total sweet tooth! I have plenty more to show but I will save them for another day ( it give me material to post about ).

Have a great day and take care! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Free melty bow wallpapers and updates

Hey all long time no see!

Well, as you can tell I haven't done much on the crafting side of things at all. I haven't even brought anything for my crafts in months! This dry patch is mostly due to the hot weather and the fact my crafting space in the share kitchen have been ravaged from my dad's house projects. -__-0

The only thing I done was make a fairy kei styled cake that I never finished. I admit my morale with my sweets crafting hasn't been the best but my passion for it haven't went anywhere. This long absence only made me flesh out The Candy Sanctuary a bit more. One of my older ideas was actually making free wallpapers and graphics but I never got around to do it. However, I had a great strike of inspiration to make a melting bow wallpaper so I went for it! You can check them out on the bottom of this post!

Besides that I've been working a lot on my angel readings. I've been holding raffles for free angel readings that have been really helpful on getting the word out in the forum I'm in. I also got my first two sales a few weeks ago, I was so excited! I hope the sales pick up again! If you guys are interested in them you can check my blog and the social media sites my readings are on. 

I also hurt my back a few weeks ago too and I'm still recovering from the constant soreness. I had to postpone the last big raffle and spend time off the computer since my back would ache. I'm feeling a lot better but again I still feel the soreness still so I'm hoping I'll recover completely soon!

Last thing is my wonderful wallpapers that I made a few days ago! I try to make the color schemes something that you all will enjoy like the super girly colors as well as cafe-ish colors. Each wallpaper have a small and large sizes so I can accommodate as many computers you all use as possible. :)

The melting bow wallpapers 

It took some tries to get the seamless dripping effect (since I made the bows a pattern in Photoshop) but I got it and was really excited! Also the bow sizes are different for some of the wallpapers.

Small wallpaper

Large wallpaper 

Small wallpaper

Large wallpaper

Large wallpaper

Small wallpaper

Small wallpaper

Large wallpaper

Here are the big bow wallpapers

Small wallpaper

Large wallpaper
Small wallpaper
Large wallpaper

Small wallpaper

Large wallpaper

I really enjoy doing these so I might focus on making more graphics since I'm not super productive in the crafting end of things. I would like your opinions on what you would like to see in the future. More sweets, Lolita, or fairy kei theme things? Would you all like to see backgrounds patterns and icons for your personal blogs, twitters, and such? If you have any ideas just let me know and I'll try to make it happen since I have more ideas on the way. :)

Okay I hope everyone is doing okay especially on the east coast after that quake was felt all over! I was scared s**tless when it happened ! XD I'm still very uneasy that I didn't even sleep last night.

Can't wait to hear and see from you all! Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Manual of power for the artist

I put this on my DA as well if you want to read it there... :)

Dear artists of the world,

Where do I even start? I come online everyday and more likely then not I have to hear yet another person's trails and tribulations about "being an artist". Its either in trying to find a style, trying to stay true to yourself, wanting more criticism, telling people to piss off because of criticism, trying to be popular, wanting to live off by doing what they love, and/or thousand other things.

When the rubber hits the road us artists can agree that being an artist is FUCKING HARD. God forbid if you're on the internet trying to make your way because so many of us is left behind in the dust while a select few makes their dreams come true. Tough world, eat it or get out. Don't be an artist if you can't take consist shit and bricks to your emotional face. Don't even start if you can't handle being judged by the world by what and how you draw (or other wise) because that's basically what you're doing from that moment on...

That last paragraph you just read. Is a complete lie... Everything, every single word, your mind just got blown (or not).

Being an artist is NOT HARD, YOU CAN make your own way on the internet, YOU CAN become popular. YOU CAN MAKE A LIVING BY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE. It is all possible and very achievable for anyone that wants it, but there is one thing standing in your way. Yourself and what you THINK you can and can not do aka your beliefs!

What you think and believe directs your outcome of your life as an artist and life itself.

Think about that second paragraph again. Did you agree with one or more statements, did it completely resonate with you because that's the same thing you have been going though? Well, we are about to punch every single one of those statements in the face twice, but you have to promise to have A LOT of patience with yourself because this is just the beginning. The beginning to finding your own magical world where your true artistic abilities are held and everything else that you ever wanted.

First and foremost stop what your doing, for god's sake get off the internet and bust out some lined paper and a pencil to reinvent yourself! Write down every single thing that you want as an artist and just as a person.

This is not the time to be "humble", you can be humble when your dead, if you want popularity then write it down! If you want to make a lot of money by drawing (or any craft) write it in all caps, engrave it in your mind! Write down every single thing that you want to have right now.

How do you feel about all your aspirations and dreams? Does it feel good just to write them or are you nervous because you made the greatest of sins for wanting so much? Either way, listen to your feelings because they are telling you something. Something important about yourself and how you approach the world.

Write those feelings down or just express them. Good, bad, sadness, or depression it doesn't matter just write them down. Don't just write the emotions down, write the "reason" behind the feelings. Does those feelings come from other people's opinions? Did those feelings resulted in what you were told, or what you assumed in the world? Write the whole story down, make it real again and feel those emotions again.

All those icky feelings, opinions, and beliefs you have about yourself, as an artist or just as a person is the very reason why you can't get what you want. You literally built a stone box (aka your feelings and beliefs) around you blocking you from the sunshine that you seek. You chiseled and chiseled at a small part of that wall to invite a small ray of light. Then you go to another part of the wall and try again. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. But out of the "whole world" that is out there the most you get are the small rays of yellow light. Don't down your rays of light, be proud of them that you can chisel through a godly tough stone wall to get them.

But you're craving more light, more sun, and more of "what is out there" in your unique world of talent. Don't down that part either, if you want more then you are a natural non-corrupted human being. Don't let others (people around you, the media, yourself) tell you that "wanting more" is wrong. Wanting more is grabbing what you have and adding more to it, making it bigger and better then what it was before. So if you want more, say it loud and proud!

Okay, so we out lined what we do want and how we felt about it. We focused on the negative feelings and how its trapping us in this "stone box". Now its time to turn that stone box into a "glass box"! Where you can see your full potential, live in front of you. You can see your dreams literally taking shape and playing back to you like you're in a wicked movie theater. The best part of the glass box is that you don't have to chisel at it for god knows how long just to get a taste of it, you can simply tap the glass and watch the barrier fall.

Before we start, all those harsh feelings from before? Let the emotions go, write/draw/paint your negativity on a piece of paper then throw it in the trash. Tell yourself "I am no longer holding these emotions against myself, thank you for telling me what I needed to work on in myself, you are free to go!". Say it as many times as you want till you're ready to throw some positivity in your new artist self!

Take out another piece of paper and write down your dreams (shorten version if you want) and why it is possible to achieve those dreams! This might be hard for some since we were so focused on the "reality" of things but this is where you rewrite "your" reality.
Where you change your beliefs about what can and can't happen in your life. When you are writing your reasons why, make those reasons real, feel that positive energy about yourself. That is key because if you can feel it, then its real to you in some form. The realer you make it, the more achievable it is!

Make yourself feel good about your dreams and how you can easily get to them. Get that huge ego and embrace it because its telling you, you can do ANYTHING and you don't even have to work hard. When you are positive about something, you are making it real and accessible to come into your life. Things come "out the blue" when your positive, things just go smoothly, and ideas just work out when you're upbeat in mood. Where when you are negative about something the opposite happens.

That's because your beliefs and feelings are dictating what you can and can't do. "I can" means unlimited where "I can't" means limited. When you say either you are stating whether you're enabling or disenabling yourself from what you can or can not want, do, or believe.

Its all a state of mind if you can or can't do it. Open yourself to all what life and what your dreams have put together for you and ride that epic wave. Don't let others take that away from you either because "all this", the old and new found artist self was done by you. No one can change your beliefs unless you let yourself believe them.

No one can take your dreams away and no one can block you from your goals but you! Be persistent, courageous, daring, loving, and head strong with what you want as an artist. Whoever doesn't like what you're doing, tell them to simply "piss of" and don't feel sorry to stand for what you believe in.

This is "your life" take control of it and your creative destiny, never let anyone take that power away because its rightfully yours.

Peace, love, and paint brushes ~

Friday, July 15, 2011

Why change is good

Hey all I just wanted to say how sorry I am for letting this blog collect dust for about 2 months. A lot have happened in those two months that I will go over in the this and in the next post. In this post I used my unicorn  cards to explain change and why its so important. Hopefully you won't be scared off my by new agey ways haha! Anyway enjoy and I hope this post helps anyone that is struggling with changes in their own life.

A message from the unicorns and myself

This started a few years back. I was only 18 and was at a cross road on what to do with my life. I always wanted to be a game designer or something of that nature because of my love for videos games, design and art. At the same time, in my heart of hearts I had something else pulling at my soul, being humble in maintaining my life through a self made business. A way that I can work with my hands, be happy and make others happy too. Its was hard to think of this as a career choice because I learned that it was hard to accomplish, and that I had no clue where to start. But over a matter of thinking and believing in the law of attraction I figured it was worth my life to achieve something that I truly wanted.

Since then things have happened to help support my efforts in my dream of a self made business. I named this new company of mine "The Candy Sanctuary" (the link takes you to the blog) and its been my heart and soul for many years. Everything I did was solely for that one purpose, to see it prosper and to see myself as a self made success. Yet things have been going against my favor for I have gotten caught up in many many opinions over the years. Not to say that everything I did was wrong or that it wasn't meant to be but my heart and brain wasn't in sync. My brain wanted to be the most hippest, different, and cutting edge "clay sweets and kawaii" company of its kind. I fell into the trap of following what I see to steer me into a place where only my heart could take me.

You see, even though I wanted to be the above mentioned things a big part of me just wanted that simple aesthetic of being myself. However my brain told me that I had to fit into certain roles to achieve success like the other crafters I was seeing. I had to have a certain "look" and "feel" that will attract my target market. I also had to think about cheaper prices then I wanted to be paid for because of the economy. All these things and more truly dug into my skin and made the back bone that I relied on to succeed.

In the recent year I woke up a bit to what I was doing and decided to change my style. I made it more "me" but kept in mind what my company was about. I have gotten into communities that did the same things as me and I learned from that also. I learned to be a little more truer to myself but things were still missing, things still needed to change, and I was still holding on the same basic handles of "reality".

 The biggest mistake I made in this was being overly personal with my "brand" and "identity". I was like a mother that wouldn't let her child roam free with the other kids. I kept my brand close to me and didn't do anything that might meant failure or a "rocking of the boat" sort of speak. I felt that this was my very blood and flesh, I didn't want to do anything to tarnish its name because it will directly reflect on me. When I made social accounts for TCS like twitter and facebook I didn't do anything out the box. I wanted to go by my own rules and not do anything that I felt like was "trying to hard". I didn't want to seem like a flake and over advertise my brand as well. It all was something in truth that I was deathly afraid of.

I didn't want to fail in someway, I didn't want people to think ill of me or my products, I didn't want to seem like someone that wanted something so bad. So bad that I would run over other people to get it.

This is just my wake up call that its okay to be outwardly passionate about my crafts. Not just show them to other people but to want to get paid for them. To be a true business and to be true on behalf of my heart, to really strive and take "risks" to get there. I made this journey way harder then it had to be because of me wanting something so bad but not going far enough to get there. I also still relied on the handle bars of reality to make me a success where only my true unlimited self can take me. I know this now and its yet again, time for change.

When I say change, I want to start over again and to build The Candy Sanctuary from the ground up again. Instead of changing the shell I'm changing the concept, the soul of it into something that was "me" from the beginning to end. No exceptions, no outside opinions, no compromises for anything or anyone. I'm making this into something I truly love because I know that I will be loved for being true to myself and my beliefs in life. I have to lead so others can see what "being your truth" means. Not disregarding other people but having enough faith in yourself that your not looking for the answers outside of your heart. You must spread your own wings and fly to your true destiny because that is the only way to get there.

Other people's wings won't work for you, those wings isn't your true desire. :)

Unless you want to wonder why things don't work for you no matter how hard you try.

So now I want to personally ask the unicorns about change and why its so important, since they told me my decision of my change was a great idea. (In fact that reading was the very reason I started this article haha)

The cards that I drew was:

Let Go of stress!

Best Friends


So here is the unicorns perception of change:

The reason why we say that change is so good because it is happening in everyday life. Everything changes everyday, even your body changes every second of every minute. If you're feeling bored, angry, or sad, you need change. A change in thoughts and a change of feelings.

Change is what keeps us moving forward even if it's as sacred as a person's dream. The very first desire that you wanted to achieve maybe very different from the one you get to, simply because you changed. Something didn't work or something better came along and you changed your desire into something better.

Don't not be afraid of change, its a welcoming force that wants to take you in every moment of its moment. It guides us to make better decisions, it challenge us to see the truth and it makes us into the people that we are now.

If your afraid of change of any kind tell the unicorn kingdom that you need help. We are always there for everyone that need a change of any kind. If you want to move then this is your wake up call that its okay to want that and change.

Change is good, change is required and is open to everyone that wants it. If you resist the changes in your life yes, things will get very difficult and more unpleasant but with an open mind you can make these changes in your life work for you and anyone that you want to see as a success.

Trust us, we had to change too and it was the best decision that we all chose to make. Be strong all of you because a lot of change have been happening, take our hands (or hooves) and you will be guided into your own utopia through change.

Take care and lots of love,

                                    The unicorn kingdom    

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Hobbies

Hey there my sweets!

I just wanted to give you all an update on my crafting status. Lately I haven't done any sweets deco but I have been looking at new hobbies that I've been interested in like gel candles and soap making! They recently caught my eye in the last few weeks and I've gotten great beginner books for both. The soap book is called "soapy love" and the other is called "Gel Candles". When they came in the mail I was pretty excited and even more thrilled to see how easy it was to make both gel candles and soaps. I have been more interested in bath and body products so I think this is a great start on a new road for me. So that I can expand my love of sweets into these mediums.

I also gotten a pretty decent watercolor book called "Dreamscapes". I've wanted that book since the day I saw it years ago but I never brought it. When I saw how cheap it was on Amazon I had to have it haha! Having it in my hands and getting a chance to read it, I'm really eager to try watercolor again. If you all don't know, I'm in artist and have been drawing since I was born! I made the blog graphics and that little character down there is myself. If you want to see some of my work you can check out my Deviant Art page! Getting back on track, I've been wanting to try out a lot of mediums in my art so when I saw this book I knew this was the one. I've tried water color before but it didn't last long since I had no clue what I was doing haha. Now that I have a great solid book that can show me the ropes, I know that I can master the great medium of watercolor! 

Oh and I have some very thrilling news! The great JesseSaphir on DA so kindly made an edible raver's cake for her family! You can click on the picture to take an better look at it up close. Its so good looking and has layers of flavor, marzipan, vanilla, and peach juice! How good does that sound? Even better the next cake she want to make is my Chocolate Mousse Cake, I can't wait to see how that turns out! 

One last thing I want to mention is my new angel reading blog: Follow Your Inner Child Readings. I made another one a while ago but decided to start over to suit my tastes more. If your interested in angels, unicorns and other beings and want to have a reading of your own, come and stop by! :D 

Thanks for visiting, take care! 

Monday, May 16, 2011

My Birthday!

After two days of recovering I've finally got enough energy to talk about my wonderful birthday! It was a long day so I didn't put everything down.

This was by far the best birthday I had since childhood! I went to Atlantic city, New Jersey with my friend Brandon. We left out early and got the Grey Hound bus around 8:30AM and got there around 10-11AM. We got off at the Trump taj mahal and got our ticket price (20 dollars) back in casino money.

The first thing we went to do was get something to eat, after plenty of pit stops of course. I got some crystallized ginger from a boardwalk candy shop. Oh my god its SO GOOD! Ginger is my favorite spice so when I finally saw the chance to get some crystallized ginger I hopped on the opportunity! It has the sweetness of sugar with the heat and spiciness of the ginger. Brandon wasn't a fan of it so I had the whole bag to myself haha! Brandon have gotten some caramel covered marshmallow squares for him and I. I haven't tried mine yet since I'm not a caramel nor a marshmallow fan. But Brandon went back at the end of the day and gotten about 5 more of them and ate them all while we were at the beach.

We headed to the mall and I wanted to visit a jewelry store that was like my dream home, its called "Michal Negrin". The window display was so gorgeous and the inside of the store was like heaven to me. Little angels adored on the selves, gorgeous fames, tiny multi colored chandeliers, and jewelry to match. If I could make my house look like anything it would definitely be like this store. The jewelry was expensive but I just love to look at everything and to drink in the aura of the store. When I came there a second time that day I asked the cashier if I could take pictures of inside the store. Even though they were not allowed to, they said yes and I took these awesome pictures of the inside of the store. 

I wanted to eat at a restaurant since it was my birthday so we went to the top floor of the  mall to check some out. On the way there we went to the BEST candy shop ever! Its call "It's Sugar" and it has every piece of candy there ever was. Candy from the 50's up till now, its amazing. It was crowed every time we went there so we didn't buy anything, however I got some really great shots of the store!

So we were on the top floor of the mall and had some restaurants to choose from, I choose Buddakan, the asian restaurant. The food was amazing! All the food that we had have a natural, earthy taste from the herbs that they garnished the dishes with. Brandon had fried octopus and beef lo mein while I had the lobster dumplings with the hot and sour scallops. Everything was done perfectly and tasted better, even the water haha. Me and Brandon joked about how the water is actually from the mountains like all the bottle water companies claim. The inside of the restaurant was amazing as well! They had a long table leading up to a huge Buddha statue. The ceiling looked like the night sky even though it was the middle of the day. The restaurant was completely cut off from the rest of the world. It was a great place to eat and just have that quiet time in a busy mall.

After we ate we had a seat in the front of the window that overlooked the beach. The little seating area had chairs and sand to mimic the beach. It was so lovely I could of taken a nap in the chair. When I was getting anxious to start moving again, I looked in a hand made soap shop. It smelled awesome in there and I loved the products but everything was really expensive so I skipped out on the thought of buying anything.

We left the mall and walked down the boardwalk to walk off the food. After we made our way back up Brandon spoiled me with ice cream and other snacks. We looked in more stores then eventually made our way to the Ferris wheel which was Brandon's idea. It was pretty fun, though I was scared as crap at first since it was going a bit fast for my liking. The view was awesome and I loved seeing the ocean from way up.

While we were going back up the boardwalk we went back to the beach for the second time. It was so lovely seeing and hearing the ocean waves crash on the sand. It was late, almost sun down so the tides were rougher. Me and Brandon took turns going to the water's edge to get our feet wet. The water was super cold at first but after you got use to it, it was fine. I had the greatest time just standing there connecting with nature. Seeing the ocean's power up close is always awe inspiring to me, this time was not different. Feeling the water going over my feet and ankles was nothing short of awesome. I totally felt at home! One time the water came in so fast and high that it splashed on some of my pants. Luckily it wasn't that cold outside so I was fine. Brandon got some of his pants wet too. It was great just to get out there and really be around the beauty of the beach. I even felt sad coming home later on because I would miss it so much.

After we got our fill of the beach we went into the casino to get out of the cold. I convinced Brandon to play some penny slots with me. We both went on our first slot and won money AT THE SAME TIME. After a mere 3 or so turns I won about 27 dollars while Brandon won 67 dollars and some change. I was so happy because I made a lot of money without even spending anything.

After the first wave of the slots we went back outside to get some get some funnel cake and fries. The funnel cake was SO GOOD. The larger parts of it was very soft and warm. The only part that sucked was the powered sugar went all over my face when I was outside haha. The wind totally blew a whole bunch on me, even my glasses had powered sugar on them! I treated Brandon with some fries that were super yummy without the crappy ketchup that was on them. The old bay seasoning with the thick, warm, and soft insides of the fries was delicious! 

I went off to play some more slots and won a little over 20 more dollars overall. Brandon followed suit about 15 minutes after and didn't win as much haha. After we both spend the 20 dollars of the casino money we went on our way home. When we got back to Philly it was raining cats and dogs no sooner we got to our stop. It was late but we manage to get on a special bus that took us to my neighborhood. When we got home it was after midnight and I was greeted with 2 birthday cards and balloons!

This birthday was beyond anything I could of imagine. I barely spent any of my birthday money besides the ticket since Brandon paid for everything. Brandon that day was so kind to give me a My Little Pony toy that lights up that just made my day. 

I also got tons and tons of happy birthday wishes from friends and even random people online. I feel like the whole world totally revolved around me and gosh did it felt good! So many people made my birthday the best and I want to thank everyone for that. I hope the rest of my birthday and everyone else's birthday can be the same.

Thank you all for reading!

Take care!
Images by Freepik