Monday, May 16, 2011

My Birthday!

After two days of recovering I've finally got enough energy to talk about my wonderful birthday! It was a long day so I didn't put everything down.

This was by far the best birthday I had since childhood! I went to Atlantic city, New Jersey with my friend Brandon. We left out early and got the Grey Hound bus around 8:30AM and got there around 10-11AM. We got off at the Trump taj mahal and got our ticket price (20 dollars) back in casino money.

The first thing we went to do was get something to eat, after plenty of pit stops of course. I got some crystallized ginger from a boardwalk candy shop. Oh my god its SO GOOD! Ginger is my favorite spice so when I finally saw the chance to get some crystallized ginger I hopped on the opportunity! It has the sweetness of sugar with the heat and spiciness of the ginger. Brandon wasn't a fan of it so I had the whole bag to myself haha! Brandon have gotten some caramel covered marshmallow squares for him and I. I haven't tried mine yet since I'm not a caramel nor a marshmallow fan. But Brandon went back at the end of the day and gotten about 5 more of them and ate them all while we were at the beach.

We headed to the mall and I wanted to visit a jewelry store that was like my dream home, its called "Michal Negrin". The window display was so gorgeous and the inside of the store was like heaven to me. Little angels adored on the selves, gorgeous fames, tiny multi colored chandeliers, and jewelry to match. If I could make my house look like anything it would definitely be like this store. The jewelry was expensive but I just love to look at everything and to drink in the aura of the store. When I came there a second time that day I asked the cashier if I could take pictures of inside the store. Even though they were not allowed to, they said yes and I took these awesome pictures of the inside of the store. 

I wanted to eat at a restaurant since it was my birthday so we went to the top floor of the  mall to check some out. On the way there we went to the BEST candy shop ever! Its call "It's Sugar" and it has every piece of candy there ever was. Candy from the 50's up till now, its amazing. It was crowed every time we went there so we didn't buy anything, however I got some really great shots of the store!

So we were on the top floor of the mall and had some restaurants to choose from, I choose Buddakan, the asian restaurant. The food was amazing! All the food that we had have a natural, earthy taste from the herbs that they garnished the dishes with. Brandon had fried octopus and beef lo mein while I had the lobster dumplings with the hot and sour scallops. Everything was done perfectly and tasted better, even the water haha. Me and Brandon joked about how the water is actually from the mountains like all the bottle water companies claim. The inside of the restaurant was amazing as well! They had a long table leading up to a huge Buddha statue. The ceiling looked like the night sky even though it was the middle of the day. The restaurant was completely cut off from the rest of the world. It was a great place to eat and just have that quiet time in a busy mall.

After we ate we had a seat in the front of the window that overlooked the beach. The little seating area had chairs and sand to mimic the beach. It was so lovely I could of taken a nap in the chair. When I was getting anxious to start moving again, I looked in a hand made soap shop. It smelled awesome in there and I loved the products but everything was really expensive so I skipped out on the thought of buying anything.

We left the mall and walked down the boardwalk to walk off the food. After we made our way back up Brandon spoiled me with ice cream and other snacks. We looked in more stores then eventually made our way to the Ferris wheel which was Brandon's idea. It was pretty fun, though I was scared as crap at first since it was going a bit fast for my liking. The view was awesome and I loved seeing the ocean from way up.

While we were going back up the boardwalk we went back to the beach for the second time. It was so lovely seeing and hearing the ocean waves crash on the sand. It was late, almost sun down so the tides were rougher. Me and Brandon took turns going to the water's edge to get our feet wet. The water was super cold at first but after you got use to it, it was fine. I had the greatest time just standing there connecting with nature. Seeing the ocean's power up close is always awe inspiring to me, this time was not different. Feeling the water going over my feet and ankles was nothing short of awesome. I totally felt at home! One time the water came in so fast and high that it splashed on some of my pants. Luckily it wasn't that cold outside so I was fine. Brandon got some of his pants wet too. It was great just to get out there and really be around the beauty of the beach. I even felt sad coming home later on because I would miss it so much.

After we got our fill of the beach we went into the casino to get out of the cold. I convinced Brandon to play some penny slots with me. We both went on our first slot and won money AT THE SAME TIME. After a mere 3 or so turns I won about 27 dollars while Brandon won 67 dollars and some change. I was so happy because I made a lot of money without even spending anything.

After the first wave of the slots we went back outside to get some get some funnel cake and fries. The funnel cake was SO GOOD. The larger parts of it was very soft and warm. The only part that sucked was the powered sugar went all over my face when I was outside haha. The wind totally blew a whole bunch on me, even my glasses had powered sugar on them! I treated Brandon with some fries that were super yummy without the crappy ketchup that was on them. The old bay seasoning with the thick, warm, and soft insides of the fries was delicious! 

I went off to play some more slots and won a little over 20 more dollars overall. Brandon followed suit about 15 minutes after and didn't win as much haha. After we both spend the 20 dollars of the casino money we went on our way home. When we got back to Philly it was raining cats and dogs no sooner we got to our stop. It was late but we manage to get on a special bus that took us to my neighborhood. When we got home it was after midnight and I was greeted with 2 birthday cards and balloons!

This birthday was beyond anything I could of imagine. I barely spent any of my birthday money besides the ticket since Brandon paid for everything. Brandon that day was so kind to give me a My Little Pony toy that lights up that just made my day. 

I also got tons and tons of happy birthday wishes from friends and even random people online. I feel like the whole world totally revolved around me and gosh did it felt good! So many people made my birthday the best and I want to thank everyone for that. I hope the rest of my birthday and everyone else's birthday can be the same.

Thank you all for reading!

Take care!

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  1. Happy birtday to you! I'm sorry for saying that just now but I was a bit busy.... It sounds like you had amazing birthday! Wishing you more days like this! :D


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