Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stuff I got from Zenkaicon

Hey all! 

After a whole WEEK since coming home from the con I'm finally posting the pictures of stuff I got. Would you guys like so see cosplayers too? I didn't want to post a zillion pictures so I'm just posting the stuff I got from the con this time around. Maybe I'll post them next time. Any way enjoy the pictures! 
For whatever reason this picture wanted to be on its side  like a tard so yeah... The Book mark I got from Marc and a donation picture to help Japan.
The last volume of DoD FUUUUUUU
The rest of the manga I brought. I need to buy the rest of Monochrome factor. ;__;

This is an adorable chibi Asuka, Brandon was nice enough to buy it for me.

The free Sacred poster I got when I brought both volumes of Lizbeth's manga!

A donation picture for Japan I got from "Juri the dreamer". When I saw it I had to have it its so beautiful and all he profits go to help Japan.

A small poster of my favorite character taokaka  from the fighting game Blazeblue.

Some buttons I got, the two on the top Brandon got for me. Damn I just noticed the glare on Sora's face son of a-


AFTER: yet another item that Brandon bought for me. When I saw it I went banana's. I wanted another wall scroll for a while now.

Where I hung the Taokaka poster that KEEPS FALLING THE HELL OFF GAAAHH!

I hung this where one of my super old picture was. It looks so nice.


I love that picture. I was instantly drawn to it when I saw it at the con.

Lizbeth's autograph I'M SO HONORED

 Hopfully you guys enjoy the pleasures of an otaku like I do since this is a sweets deco site.

Thanks for view guys take care!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Zenkaicon Wrap Up

 "First off I wanted to say that I'm sorry for the long gap between my last post. When I heard about the disaster in Japan I just wasn't in the mood for posting and was feeling really depressed to make a long story short. However after going to my local anime convention I'm feeling 100% better. I still plan post my finished resin charms too after the con posts. Also I never mentioned it here but I was staffing at the anime convention Zenkaicon this past weekend."

Hey all!

Its been 3 days since Zenkaikon and I feel amazing! The con was amazing too and I met many wonderful people!

The first day (Thursday) me and Brandon (my best friend) went to the con since we were apart of staff. We basically started working that day rather then Friday when the con started because people were coming in a day early to get their badges. When we went down stairs to go to the Gofer Op's station we were greeted by the cutest boy cosplaying as the asian spider man. His name was Danny and he ended up volunteering the whole weekend so we saw him a lot. Basically what I did was direct regular gofers (go•fer (gō'fƏr) n. Slang – one who performs minor or menial tasks such as running errands. [Alteration of "go for"]) to places where people needed them. Other departments would call in through walkie talkie and demand ask for them and I would report back if I had some or not. If I did I would tell the gofer/volunteer to go the place they needed to go. I also signed off on their hours, give them food vouchers, check on them and etc. It was pretty fun and I didn't have to do much as far as labor. Saturday was INSANE though, we were expecting more volunteers to come in but NONE SHOWED UP so all the departments were scrambling to get things done. They kept asking for gofers where there wasn't any and if there was they would be sent out immediately.

That same morning I came in earlier and got on break later since it was so crazy. It was all really fun though and the area I was in had a lot of actively so I was entertained for the most part. There were a lot of cosplays, my favorites was the Lightning from FF13, Sue from shugo chara, renamon from digimon, and the pokemon gijinka's. The most memorial part of the day was meeting the lovely Sisero, Giname, and Einlee in the dealers room! I actually talked to Sisero on all three days of the con, Saturday was probably the longest since I was on break. She's the sweetest thing in the world as well as her fiancé Marc! I was really surprised to see them since I only know them on DA and didn't even know who was going to be in the dealers room. So I was really excited to met them since I've been fans of theirs for years. Me and Sisero talked a lot on Saturday and it was really fun and encouraging hearing her personal story. I brought also both volumes of her manga "Sacred" and one of Marcs awesome sailor moon bookmarks. Oh and Brandon was smart enough to have the idea to have her autograph both of her mangas that I got. He even did it for me when they were waiting for the Rose Noir concert. She was totally sweet and excited through the whole thing. I hope I get to met hear at another con soon.

After I talked to her I went and bought stuff and pretty much was DEAD TIRED (being around 6 PM). The funniest thing was the hardest part of the day haven't come yet. When I got back on duty things have calmed down a lot so I was able to relax some. However on the last hour of my shift (my shift ended at 11PM) the person at the info desk ( the info desk was right next to the gofer ops where I was stationed) was gone or was done his/her shift so I was doing that as well. I was pretty much handling two stations, giving people directions, giving out the 18+ wrist bands, and other miscellaneous things. Then within 30 minutes 2 cases of missing items turned up and a seller had to get something really important from the dealer's room which was locked. It was INSANE because Kiwi the head of security was on break for hours. Luckily she just came out of it when all three cases came out of the blue. Oh I almost forgot that Brandon helped me in the insaneness since he was done with his shift (at 10PM). I have no clue what I would do without him haha. At the end two of the three cases ended well.

After that fiasco me and Brandon went to the rave! Brandon stayed about an hour while I was there for 3 hours (2A.M when it was suppose to end). I've once again gotten an ass load of glow sticks and threw them on all over my pants and body. When I was at the rave there was another person who had a chain of glow sticks around her body attached to her arms wrists/hands. While another person had the same shirt as me. The rave was so freaking awesome because there was a SUPER AWESOME CUTE BOY there that me and my friends had hung out with before. He had is chest out (again) which was perfect beyond words. He was dancing a lot and I gave him one of my glow sticks, GOD I FELT SO AWESOME. Then through out most of his time there we would be within each other spaces. It was just.... EPIC. One of the best parts was when I started randomly square dancing with people. It was so much fun even though I had no clue what I was doing at first. We just spun around then went on to the next person haha. I love raves so much, I live to rave. The rave was overall just awesome because everyone was really friendly and open. If my room was big enough I would rave every night and learn liquid dancing. XD

Okay I don't want this post to go any longer since its super long. I must of explained only 30-40% of what happened. I didn't even mentioned the crap bathroom we had after we FINALLY got our own room. The hotel screwed up me and Brandon's room so we had to sleep at in a volunteer's room. She and her son was super sweet though, I couldn't ask for better room mates! EVERYONE had a uber big ass bathtub while we had a pitiful walk in shower for OLD PEOPLE. We also had a toilet with railings on both sides, so it was hard to whip yourself. Its as bad as it sounds, really.

Okay thanks for reading and I'll post all the stuff I got next time! Take care!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Playing with Resin Part 2!

Hey everyone!

Thank you for all the wonderful comments yesterday! They made me feel warm and fuzzy inside and out. :D

Today I'm showing you the second part of the making of my test resin charms. I added a second layer to the molds and tested out more of my pigments for resin. Once again, the making of the resin was pretty easy, though I was a tab nervous haha. After I made my small batch I divide them into two cups so I can test two pigments and glitters with them. The first divided batch I decided to test out my red pigment with the pink glitter. Oh my goodness, the color was phenomenal! I absolutely loved it, it turned into this beautiful sparkly bright pink. That formula that I mixed for it I have to write it down because I will be making a lot with it haha. The second batch I used my blue pigment with the white glitter and its just as phenomenal. The different hues and colors from both the glitter and pigment got me addicted to them. I think you have a resin crazed person on your hands now. But that only means good things for you guys because I would be posting everyday with plenty of charms I can show and sell haha.

For those who are wondering and weary of trying resin, I highly recommend just taking a deep breath and dive into it. Honesty, as paranoid as I am about its toxins as long you have a respirator for the fumes (even though the resin I use is low odor), gloves for your hands, and the cleaning supplies cooking spray and alcohol, you'll be fine. Just find a room or space that no one frequents at. Of course you'll need to gather the supplies for it and a good tutorial, but that's easy to find a book or an online tutorial that shows you how to do resin casting. Seriously consider doing it, its like the ultimate medium for the creative mind because there is unlimited ways you can use it. :D

Okay that enough chatter from me. The next post should be the finish products, wish me luck that they come out okay! Take care all!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Playing with Resin!

Encased in sweets!

Hey all! Thank you for all the wonderful comments on the last post, I'm glad that it touched on a lot of peoples hearts. I'll be more then happy to continue posting ways to have a happy and joyful life!

Today I'm proud to show you all my first time making resin charms. I had the materials for a long time but due to my fear of the unknown (and its toxins) I never used them. But then a flash of inspiration stuck me yesterday giving me the strength to just get up and go! So today after watching some T.V I went through my resin book and went on to create some test pieces! They are still curing now and I hope that they can cure properly since I can only make them in the share kitchen, it can get really cold at night so cross your fingers for me! I did take pictures of the WIP when I added my lollipop charms in some of the thickening resin. I also used the left over resin to test out the mica I brought to color the resin. Its called Blackstar Blue and gosh its PRETTY. Its black but has a gorgeous blue highlight to it. I can't wait to see those when they cure completely.

The process wasn't as bad as I thought, the thing that freaks me out the most is the toxins of the chemicals and the precautions you have to make like a respirator and such. After going through the whole process I'm quite delighted! Its the same thing I do when I use silicone as far as the safety goes, respirator, gloves, and a careful eye haha. If this batch comes out well I'll be so excited! I had so many ideas for charm ideas and such but didn't have the guts to ever try resin. I'm pretty sure this will change things!

Also I have some really exciting news! If you see the tab on the upper left corner you'll see it reads "The Candy Sanctuary Shoppe" which only means that I'm close to start selling. I'll use this blog to sell the my charms while I make the official site for them in the mean time. I'm hoping to build a following and cliental through all this, after all it is my dream and passion! :D

Thanks for reading and viewing, take care everyone!
Images by Freepik