Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stuff I got from Zenkaicon

Hey all! 

After a whole WEEK since coming home from the con I'm finally posting the pictures of stuff I got. Would you guys like so see cosplayers too? I didn't want to post a zillion pictures so I'm just posting the stuff I got from the con this time around. Maybe I'll post them next time. Any way enjoy the pictures! 
For whatever reason this picture wanted to be on its side  like a tard so yeah... The Book mark I got from Marc and a donation picture to help Japan.
The last volume of DoD FUUUUUUU
The rest of the manga I brought. I need to buy the rest of Monochrome factor. ;__;

This is an adorable chibi Asuka, Brandon was nice enough to buy it for me.

The free Sacred poster I got when I brought both volumes of Lizbeth's manga!

A donation picture for Japan I got from "Juri the dreamer". When I saw it I had to have it its so beautiful and all he profits go to help Japan.

A small poster of my favorite character taokaka  from the fighting game Blazeblue.

Some buttons I got, the two on the top Brandon got for me. Damn I just noticed the glare on Sora's face son of a-


AFTER: yet another item that Brandon bought for me. When I saw it I went banana's. I wanted another wall scroll for a while now.

Where I hung the Taokaka poster that KEEPS FALLING THE HELL OFF GAAAHH!

I hung this where one of my super old picture was. It looks so nice.


I love that picture. I was instantly drawn to it when I saw it at the con.

Lizbeth's autograph I'M SO HONORED

 Hopfully you guys enjoy the pleasures of an otaku like I do since this is a sweets deco site.

Thanks for view guys take care!

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