Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sweets Deco Macaroons Tutorial

How to make sweets deco macaroons

I love macaroons hands down. They are by far my favorite things to make in sweets deco so far. They just have this cuteness like no other pastry or sweet. Short, tiny, colorful and ever so sweet the macaroon! 
Another reason why I love making macaroons so much because they are super easy to make and decorate! Great for any decoden project from sweet frames to sweet hair clips. Whatever sweets deco adventure you’re on count on macaroon to get the job done! Top them with syrup, whip cream, crystals, cookies just to name a few things you can do the macaroon! 

If you want to be super adventurous with the macaroon try a macaroon tower! Who can deny such sweet awesomeness? Each one laid out one by one to create something beautiful, you can’t beat that.

I got all kind of tutorials some for air clay, polymer clay and even a video tutorial on macaroons.

And a Japanese tutorial I found on Google while on my search!

Happy crafting!

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Images by Freepik