Sunday, February 27, 2011

When Your Princess is in Another Castle

How to feel good in time of stress or depression

Its hard to feel good when your seriously down on your luck. I've just had a rough patch myself yesterday and it sucked. I didn't have any energy in my body and I couldn't muster up much creative energy either. Everything just blew monkey butt and I felt sucked dry. All my magic inside me that I had just disappeared and I was left immobile.

I think back on how my emotions can get the better of me and how I make myself feel better. Its really hard because when I'm so down on myself I can't hear any positive things. It just rolls off me like water off a ducks back, when I'm usually very receptive to it. I really have to get there on my own. And even then its a struggle to feel from anger to hopeful. Its such a huge jump I end up falling on my face more then I want to, which adds insult to injury.

"I want to feel good!, I don't care if my surrounding sucks, I just want to feel good!" Is all that I could think to myself yesterday. It was really hard because I did feel trapped because of my emotions. I just felt like there was no way out because I felt so bad when I'm usually not a gloomy person. I can see my way out of things and my life getting better, so when I feel like crap and trapped, I feel like a completely different person. At the same time my wanting to feel good lead me to different ways to make myself feel better. 

Depending on how bad I feel, I use different techniques to help me. The one being my favorite is distracting myself and forgetting what's bothering me. Even though its better said then done at times, it really helps me to feel better at an even pace. Rather then trying to jump from one extreme emotion to the next like "powerlessness" to "happy with everything". Instead, its good to get a step up from powerlessness, to "I know I can do this" or "things isn't that bad, everything happens for a reason". Just anything to lessen the pain little by little.

Some of the activities I do to distract myself include:

  • Playing video games: Usually mindless games or something I have to focus on.
  • Watching anime: Watching someone else's life can give me that lift I need.
  • Collecting cute pictures: One of my favorite things to do really, I can never feel bad when looking at cute, girly images on the internet.
  • Make a custom wallpapers for myself: I love doing this because it gives me that  creative thing to do and that positive focus.
  • Reading manga: Depending on my mood, it can really serve me and inspire me to draw or look at the better things in life that's happening now.
  • Playing with my pets: I swear petting your beloved cat or guinea pig melts away the harsh feeling you my have. There should be a prescription for it in drug stores.
  •  Taking a nap: One of my favorite things to do because it give me a chance to start over. I tell myself "When I wake up things will be different" and when I wake up I feel better and more suited to have my spirits lifted.
  • Full on ranting: This should be done when your on the bottom of the emotional totem pole. Just that something to get that initial anger and resentment out.  

All of these activities are great when you're feeling blue or whatever the case may be. The best part of all of them is that it distracts you from what is annoying you. It gives you a chance to let that emotion go and focus your energy on to other things. Freeing your mind of mental poisons that can really effect you if you dwell on the bad for too long. All of us have things worth getting mad about or just feel "this isn't right" but when those things start taking control of us, we need to step up.

Its up to us to feel what we want to feel rather then let our surroundings decide for us. It might seem strange to do but ignoring common things that get under your skin is a sure fire way of easing them from your life. Even though they very well might be there, you won't react to them making those annoyances invisible to you. Even better when you can find the good in those annoyances, it could make them not as bad as once thought. :)

Everyone deserves to feel good so if your not, don't beat yourself up. Take it one step at a time and get to know that happiness is our natural way. Happiness is always going to be there no matter what's around us. We just have to get up on our paths again and remember how great each and everyone of us are. :)

Thanks for reading, take care!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Earphones Sweets Deco Completed!

Okay this is the moment that we all been waiting for. My sweets deco earphones! These are the pictures that gotten my approval and are the best pictures that I took of them out of the MANY that I took. The pictures really speak for themselves so I hope your just as delighted to see them as I were through this whole process. Enjoy everyone! :)

Okay, I'm going to go ahead and talk about the "story" behind the pictures. It doesn't really relates to a character but me myself. I love fantasy, dreams, magic, sweets and anything that involves those subjects, its like coming home in a way. The thing about dreams and magic is that they always seem out of reach and far away by some means. Even though there are physical limitations you can still bring that energy here in the real world. I want my whole life to be enveloped with that magic and have that dream fantasy reality here, right now. One of the reasons why I'm so creative now is because I want to bring that magic energy down here in the real world that always seemed to be locked away in books and imagination. This is my personal way of bringing my home to this reality and journey. Life wasn't meant to be hard so when people stopped believing in magic, it surely did. The meaning of life (for me anyway) is to enjoy it and make it your mission to live it out exactly what you want it to be. No matter how stupid, impractical, or childish it may be, its yours and you deserve to live it the way YOU want to. Its probably why I am always stubborn and defiant towards life by social standards. Its engraved in my personally and can't stop that trait by any means, Its just who I am as a person haha. But getting back to the "story" my way of bringing that magic energy into my life and others is making sweets deco, drawing or anything I create with my hands and imagination. Its my passion and what keeps me going pretty much. :)

My sister took the pictures of me wearing the earphones and they came out so great. Special thanks to her!

I really hope this opens some imaginations out there and shows how magic is real out there, even if its in your imagination. Thanks for viewing guys!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pancake Ring wip

Hey all!

I just got finished making my pancakes or a least most of it. I still have to add the syrup on top. I decided to make it a ring too, since I haven't made one in a while. I added a heart shaped piece of butter on top because as you know, I can't resist making anything cute. Everything is made from polymer clay and liquid clay. Here's the picture of it before I baked it.

Which was a pain in the butt because the camera was completely dead and I had to use one of my t.v remote batteries just to take this one picture. It probably did more good then bad since I'm a photo taking manic anyway, which means less pictures to sort and edit haha.

I should have the ring done tonight but I'll probably sport it at the mall tomorrow and take pictures then.

Thanks for viewing guys!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Earphones update and Cute Can Kill Feature!

Good afternoon!

Just another update on my earphones deco but with no pictures because I want it to be a surprise when its done! It looks great but I had the most irritating problem near the end. The container flipped up when I opened it and some of my flat back pearls splashed all over the table. I was so pissed and dropped a good amount of F-bombs. D:< Luckily though, most of them were on the table and salvageable. So I had to get my mind together from the shock and gather them up. Despite that, everything went fine and I treated myself to some dark chocolate fudge popcorn. Now I have to wait for the deco sauce and glue to dry so I can do the other side of the earphones. Then I'll be flat out done and ready to have a photo shoot for them. I really want to show these babies off so I want to take pictures of them on. As well as take them to a mall outing with me. It should be fun, I wonder what people will think since I live to be different, even when I was a kid. In fact I might take the photo shoot at the mall since its a pretty amazing place and the weather will be beautiful! 

Besides that I wanted to show everyone this amazing online store called Cute Can Kill. This is what my dreams are made of, sugar, cute animals, sparkles, and covered with pastel colors. With my latest fashion obsession with fairy kei, I was instantly impressed with all the candy coated handmade jewelry and accessories. Their clay pieces are amazingly simple yet detailed and truly inspiring! I wanted to try my hand at making a carousel horse before but now seeing how wonderful these pendants are, I want go forward and try my own. There are so many wonderful pieces that I can't go through them all. See all the sugary goodness yourself here on their web shop and their facebook

Thanks for viewing guys! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Earphones Sweets Deco WIP 2

I just got done the other side of my earphones and they look fantastic! 

 All I need to do now is let this side dry and add all the fun embellishments! The next picture should be of them completed, if I don't crack and post some wips of them anyway haha. Thanks for viewing!

Earphones Fairy Kai Sweets Deco

Hey all! I just wanted to show the wip of my earphone deco I did last night right after I added the crystals.

I love it so far, I'll do the other side today and show you the wip of that. Thanks for viewing guys!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day!

Happy Valentines day my lovies!

As promise I have made some sweet sweet necklaces to celebrate Valentines day. I absolutely LOVE how they came out. The bow on them was a last thought before making them. I was hesitant at first but I'm so glad that I took them to the next level. They are by far my favorite piece so far this year! 

The official Valentines picture from The Candy Sanctuary, effects done in photoshop.

Here are most of the pictures that I took of them this morning. I was concerned because it was really cloudy this morning but it cleared up completely! So I had tons of great lighting to play with in these pictures. 

What I love most about taking and looking at pictures is the "story" behind it and that fairy tale feeling that some really give off. I was trying to capture that in these pictures and I think I've done well. When I was taking them I was thinking of my own fairy tale that these pictures called upon. The story that emerge was a girl that had no love ones or lovers, but cookies all around her during Valentines day. In hopes to get that feeling of closeness and happiness she dress the cookies in bows. Surprisingly, the dressed up sweets looked so good and stunning it made her smile with merriment, making her forget all her troubles. Thus making it one of her favorite holidays where she can make friends with sweets and share them with others to make them smile... I know, cliché as hell but I'm totally digging the story. I have to draw a picture to match it soon. I love stories like that, it just makes my day! I hope I gave some smiles to people with the story as well.

I hope you all enjoy this post! I know some of you probably dislike this holiday for obvious reason but I say turn that frown upside down! Believe me, if your pissed at this holiday because of lacking a partner (or whatever your deal is), tomorrow won't change. Because it all starts on the inside and what you project out. If your negative and projecting that out to the world your going to get it back in some way. Just be happy of what you do have and all the love that's available in this world. Love is by far the most versatile emotion because it can apply to just about everything! Plus it can bring you so much positivity in all forms. Spend some time with your love ones even if it is cookies. Its the time for love of all kinds, even yourself! :)

Take care everyone!

Headphone deco tutorial wip and updates

Look time no post huh? Well a lot has happened since the last post. I gotten more commissions on latale. I started taking free angel card readings on a law of attraction forum that I go to with HUGE results. I decided to make my own website for my online store instead of Esty, and started the design the layout. Then I started getting stressed out by everything and took a break. My friend Brandon came over and after he left I got into a huge rut with everything I'm doing and such. Luckily, I didn't stay stuck there for no more then two days. Today I woke up like a totally new person! I'm back on track with everything and being positive again. The thing that helped me most get out of that rut was forgetting everything that was pissing me off and simply distracting myself from the world.  

With better news, I started (well set up is more the word) on my headphones deco and will do a tutorial on it! That and I made two cookie necklaces to celebrate Valentines day! I will post those sometime today. They are quite lovely too, here are wips for both projects. 

Don't they look good! *3*

These are pancakes from the left over polymer clay.

So through the troubled days I've been having a lot came out of it! I hope everyone enjoyed the post, take care!
Images by Freepik