Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pancake Ring wip

Hey all!

I just got finished making my pancakes or a least most of it. I still have to add the syrup on top. I decided to make it a ring too, since I haven't made one in a while. I added a heart shaped piece of butter on top because as you know, I can't resist making anything cute. Everything is made from polymer clay and liquid clay. Here's the picture of it before I baked it.

Which was a pain in the butt because the camera was completely dead and I had to use one of my t.v remote batteries just to take this one picture. It probably did more good then bad since I'm a photo taking manic anyway, which means less pictures to sort and edit haha.

I should have the ring done tonight but I'll probably sport it at the mall tomorrow and take pictures then.

Thanks for viewing guys!

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