Sunday, February 27, 2011

When Your Princess is in Another Castle

How to feel good in time of stress or depression

Its hard to feel good when your seriously down on your luck. I've just had a rough patch myself yesterday and it sucked. I didn't have any energy in my body and I couldn't muster up much creative energy either. Everything just blew monkey butt and I felt sucked dry. All my magic inside me that I had just disappeared and I was left immobile.

I think back on how my emotions can get the better of me and how I make myself feel better. Its really hard because when I'm so down on myself I can't hear any positive things. It just rolls off me like water off a ducks back, when I'm usually very receptive to it. I really have to get there on my own. And even then its a struggle to feel from anger to hopeful. Its such a huge jump I end up falling on my face more then I want to, which adds insult to injury.

"I want to feel good!, I don't care if my surrounding sucks, I just want to feel good!" Is all that I could think to myself yesterday. It was really hard because I did feel trapped because of my emotions. I just felt like there was no way out because I felt so bad when I'm usually not a gloomy person. I can see my way out of things and my life getting better, so when I feel like crap and trapped, I feel like a completely different person. At the same time my wanting to feel good lead me to different ways to make myself feel better. 

Depending on how bad I feel, I use different techniques to help me. The one being my favorite is distracting myself and forgetting what's bothering me. Even though its better said then done at times, it really helps me to feel better at an even pace. Rather then trying to jump from one extreme emotion to the next like "powerlessness" to "happy with everything". Instead, its good to get a step up from powerlessness, to "I know I can do this" or "things isn't that bad, everything happens for a reason". Just anything to lessen the pain little by little.

Some of the activities I do to distract myself include:

  • Playing video games: Usually mindless games or something I have to focus on.
  • Watching anime: Watching someone else's life can give me that lift I need.
  • Collecting cute pictures: One of my favorite things to do really, I can never feel bad when looking at cute, girly images on the internet.
  • Make a custom wallpapers for myself: I love doing this because it gives me that  creative thing to do and that positive focus.
  • Reading manga: Depending on my mood, it can really serve me and inspire me to draw or look at the better things in life that's happening now.
  • Playing with my pets: I swear petting your beloved cat or guinea pig melts away the harsh feeling you my have. There should be a prescription for it in drug stores.
  •  Taking a nap: One of my favorite things to do because it give me a chance to start over. I tell myself "When I wake up things will be different" and when I wake up I feel better and more suited to have my spirits lifted.
  • Full on ranting: This should be done when your on the bottom of the emotional totem pole. Just that something to get that initial anger and resentment out.  

All of these activities are great when you're feeling blue or whatever the case may be. The best part of all of them is that it distracts you from what is annoying you. It gives you a chance to let that emotion go and focus your energy on to other things. Freeing your mind of mental poisons that can really effect you if you dwell on the bad for too long. All of us have things worth getting mad about or just feel "this isn't right" but when those things start taking control of us, we need to step up.

Its up to us to feel what we want to feel rather then let our surroundings decide for us. It might seem strange to do but ignoring common things that get under your skin is a sure fire way of easing them from your life. Even though they very well might be there, you won't react to them making those annoyances invisible to you. Even better when you can find the good in those annoyances, it could make them not as bad as once thought. :)

Everyone deserves to feel good so if your not, don't beat yourself up. Take it one step at a time and get to know that happiness is our natural way. Happiness is always going to be there no matter what's around us. We just have to get up on our paths again and remember how great each and everyone of us are. :)

Thanks for reading, take care!


  1. Oh I really like top read your blog! :D I don't know what made you so sad yesterday but I hope you feel better now :) (hugs, hugs!)

    I feel sad and depressed really often. I'm a pessimistic person and I think I'm really harsh for myself. I try to ignore bad things around me (or people that are nasty etc) but sometimes, when the last drop fills the cup, I break down and cry, cry cry. And I don't really have any ways to make myself better. I wish I could have pet (I want a dog!) to hug it because pets love you no matter what :) So I cry and then I feel better. And then something happens and then i cry again :) I can't help it. I'm too emotional and I know that I have many little issues inside I try to forget about, but I don't deal with them and then thy suddenly come out...
    I think that creating things make me feel better. Knowing that I'm good at something makes me feel that I might be better than people who are horrible or nasty to me :) I don't knowif that's ok but it works for me :) Makes me feel valuable :D

    I'm sorry for this long reply but your blog post made me want to let my thoughts and emotions out! :D I'm not sure if I could do that on my blog, I just don't know if people would like to read about it! :)

    Anyway, I hope you will feel better! :)

  2. Oh thank you, yes I feel a whole lot better! Its the only reason I even posted. I can't do anything when I'm in such a bad mood, it really screws up everything. X0

    I'm the same way too when things really wear me down, I just break down and cry. I don't cry often but when I do its serious. I usually get into my bad mood for a few days then bounce back again like yesterday.

    I would love a dog! I use have one years ago but my mom had to give it away since it kept spraying around the house. Once I move out though, I want a dog, kitten, and another guinea pig. You wouldn't believe how affectionate and loving guinea pigs can be. They have such wonderful personalities and really smart! When my guinea pig Caramel hears a bag, refrigerator door opening, or cutting of vegetables she'll make noise and squeak for food. She's such a joy even though she can be annoying at times. My first guinea pig Road Kill, was the greatest. He would lick me sometimes and fall asleep in my hand when I would hold him in my lap. Guinea pigs totally stole my heart when I saw them in a book in middle school. My next post might be about guinea pigs now haha. I understand, its nice to have that comfort around and something to love that loves you back unconditionally.

    Of course, having something that your good at is great for feeling better. Whatever gives you that confidence is a great thing to do. :) Its not easy making really delicious sweets like you can. It takes a lot of work, effort and practice! I'm sure all those nasty people couldn't do it like you can.

    Its okay, I love hearing from people. We are all human so its natural to let our guard down at least once and let out our emotions. I use to hold them in all the time and it didn't do me any good really. I'm much more happier letting them out even when I feel really bad.

    I really hope that things work out for you, being depressed isn't fun *super hugs*. Keep creating and making yourself feel good. :)

  3. That is such a nice post, sometimes i feel like that also T.T
    It helps me to make something sometimes i bake cupcakes or string colorful beads to make pretty bracelets ^.^

  4. Thank you so much! :D

    Wow, that's pretty awesome to use your bad mood to your advantage by making things. The best I can do when I'm mad is draw and that's if I'm in the mood for it. XD


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