Saturday, February 19, 2011

Earphones Sweets Deco Completed!

Okay this is the moment that we all been waiting for. My sweets deco earphones! These are the pictures that gotten my approval and are the best pictures that I took of them out of the MANY that I took. The pictures really speak for themselves so I hope your just as delighted to see them as I were through this whole process. Enjoy everyone! :)

Okay, I'm going to go ahead and talk about the "story" behind the pictures. It doesn't really relates to a character but me myself. I love fantasy, dreams, magic, sweets and anything that involves those subjects, its like coming home in a way. The thing about dreams and magic is that they always seem out of reach and far away by some means. Even though there are physical limitations you can still bring that energy here in the real world. I want my whole life to be enveloped with that magic and have that dream fantasy reality here, right now. One of the reasons why I'm so creative now is because I want to bring that magic energy down here in the real world that always seemed to be locked away in books and imagination. This is my personal way of bringing my home to this reality and journey. Life wasn't meant to be hard so when people stopped believing in magic, it surely did. The meaning of life (for me anyway) is to enjoy it and make it your mission to live it out exactly what you want it to be. No matter how stupid, impractical, or childish it may be, its yours and you deserve to live it the way YOU want to. Its probably why I am always stubborn and defiant towards life by social standards. Its engraved in my personally and can't stop that trait by any means, Its just who I am as a person haha. But getting back to the "story" my way of bringing that magic energy into my life and others is making sweets deco, drawing or anything I create with my hands and imagination. Its my passion and what keeps me going pretty much. :)

My sister took the pictures of me wearing the earphones and they came out so great. Special thanks to her!

I really hope this opens some imaginations out there and shows how magic is real out there, even if its in your imagination. Thanks for viewing guys!


  1. They came out wonderful! *clap**clap* :DD
    oh,uh maybe I should 'introduce' myself a little before that xD I found your post on the livejournal community and was really awaiting your final post. I'm planning to do some headphones (when I finally have enough money ;A;) myself^^
    I really like the biscuits! The cream looks so tasty <3

    And I'm so fond of your little explanation. It -JUST- describes my 'situation' too :DD
    I was really happy to see that there is someone who doesn't want a dream to stay only a dream as well :D
    Even though we have so many possibilities to express ourselves today, it seems that media, and other's critics influence us more than ever. Which is sad, -because- of all the freedom we have.
    I'm sure you'll make it and not let yourself down! :D

    Best wishes ^^

  2. Thank you so much Kyccu!

    Haha, don't worry about it. I'm glad I didn't procrastinate these pictures then. The weather was so beautiful that I had to go outside. I love taking pictures of my crafts because its like I'm opening a whole new door to them. Luckily my sister was available to take the pictures of me wearing them.

    Thank you so much, that really means a lot because like you said the media influence people so much. And I'm glad that someone else feels the same way as I do too. Reality doesn't have to be so bad when you have a good imagination and refuse to "grow up" haha. Once I really embraced my own dreams, life gotten much better since I don't have to tolerate or be run by others standards. Life is really what you make it! :D

    Thanks again for the super wonderful comment! *hugs* Take care!


Images by Freepik