Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Money Idol Exchanger Game

Money Idol Exchanger

Money Idol Exchanger is the newest puzzle game I brought from the Playstation Network on my PS3. It's an import from Japan and holy cow do I love it! When I first saw it, I wasn't exactly sure what to think, but after watching the trailer of it I was pretty hooked! The bright colors, the classic 90's style and the overly cute magical girl element really sucked me in. Upon playing the game though I found it to be a healthy challenge that off sets the cuteness.

Overall, love this game because of the cute design, great game play and challenge! I highly recommend it if you ever find it, you'll be just as addicted to it as I've gotten! You can read more about this game that is available on the PSN on

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Blog Overhaul

Hey everyone! I just want to make a super important and quick announcement that I'm changing my sweets deco den blog to an art and creativity blog!

So I'll be making a lot of changes to the blog to fit my creative tastes and to match the new name "Cake". Don't worry I'll still have my sweets deco den but I'll be showcasing all of my art projects and not just one side of it!

I'll get into it more once I'm done the revamping! Take care!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Design

Hey everyone!

Wow long time no see!

A lot has happened and I mean A LOT and sadly I didn't do too much crafting during that time at all. I thought I was but between the hot weather and my downturn in mood, nothing happened. But alas I'm still alive and kicking!

I'm honestly not sure what to talk about since it's been so long since I did anything crafty or the like. Oh wait, haha the most blatant change and reason I came to post was the blog design!

Even though I really liked it when I first made it a month or so ago, I really want to change it. I still like it but I have this other side of me that wants a different design. I'll probably won't do anything now. Once I'm certain about the way I want this place to look, I'll change it then. The reason why I wanted to change it because I ended up HATING the last design and with bloggers new design interface, I wanted a template I could easily edit. It's fun messing with the HTML but after making my spiritual blog with the new interface I knew that I wanted to change this one so it can be just as easy to edit.

So yeah, I don't have much to say, I need to get back into my crafts again and start enjoying myself in that endeavor. I had lots of plans for it but nothing came about, I'm better off just creating even if nothing major comes from it. At least I'm happy. Hopefully you all are doing well too! See ya! 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Sweets Deco!

Hey everyone! *^ワ^*

I know, you probably think I fell off the earth the way I just bailed without warning! The truth is that life got SO crazy! It's been a very stressful winter for me and it totally ate into all of my creative endeavors. The most I've been doing with my time is my angel card business and even that has stopped me from getting super creative like I use too.

Since then however, things have been getting better. I'm starting to solely focus on myself instead of business and going back to all my old activities including sweets deco! I never forgot about my favorite past time, things just gotten complicated as all!   

I also want to thank all the people that subs my blog and likes my fanpage. I'm so forever in your debt, especially how I stopped updating both. Hopefully now, you'll see a lot more of me, even if it's roughly pictures only!

So to end it off, here is some old and new projects I'm currently working on. Enjoy! *blows kisses* (^з^)-

Friday, February 10, 2012

It's been so long

I just wanted to give a quick update. I'm so sorry that I haven't been paying attention to my poor little blog. I still love fake sweets and everything but things have been so hectic in my life as of late, so my drive for it wasn't there. That and I've been putting all my focus in my angel reading blog, which takes up a lot of my time! However, I am making gifts for my good friend and I will show some of them soon. This is getting be back in the groove of things and how much crafting really means to me.

 I'm so happy that people come here everyday and are interested in what I do best, its quite the honor and I wish I could give you all some great hugs! For now, I am planning to redesign the blog from the ground up, to a much more simpler one I can design and change. Till then, you can like me on my fan page where I'm more likely to update more in the mean time.

 Love you all and I will see you soon!
Images by Freepik