Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Polymer Clay Icing for Donuts!

 (edit: if the text formatting it wonky near the bottom then blogger must of exploded on me. I tried to fix it with no solutions)

Hey there! Another week has passed so that means a new posting. Before I go into it you will notice that I changed the design of my blog! This super pink design is to celebrate the cherry blossoms and the coming of spring! I decided to "simplify" my graphic design style and do something more simple and clean. I loved how it turned out so I hope you all enjoy it to!

I want to show you my experiments with donut icing. I don't make donuts often or often enough, but I know there are several way to make icing for donuts. I'm a perfectionist so I always want my clay food to look as real as possible. I want to achieve that icing that's smooth, thin and well, perfect haha. I never went through all the ways I knew how so when I was looking at all my naked donuts I thought "This is my chance!".

The three donuts that you see are the three ways that I did it. I wanted to find a sure fire way that I can make that donut icing perfect all the time. That and just expand the ways I can make icings and glazes.

Before I go to the method that obviously worked I want to talk about the other two. The first method that I tried is what I normally use. I took a bit of some already made white icing made from white polymer clay and TLS. I revived its "icing" texture again since it was like a super soft clay texture from not being used and being dried out. From there I used a brown chalk pastel to color it, I didn't want to thicken it up again so I didn't use brown clay to colorized it. I used a small knife to shave as much pastel as I wanted in the clay then mixed it up. After the color was completely mixed in, I got a tooth pick to start laying down the icing on the donut. By the time the whole donut was covered with the icing I noticed that the icing was too "stiff" and I added more TLS to thin it out. It was easier to try to smooth over but again the icing was too stiff. So I did what I could to make it look nice and called it a day haha. Needless to say unless you like the "cake look" icing on your donuts I would skip this method for donut icing.

The second method was a really out there one that I wanted to try for about a year. This is more of a chocolate "glaze" look rather then an "icing". I took some Liquitex Gel Medium and added the same chalk pastel to it. I mixed it in really well since it got a little lumpy. After I mixed it all in I put the gel on top of the donut and try to smooth it out with a tooth pick the best I can. The end result when it dried was pretty good! It wasn't the perfect icing look that I wanted but I love how nice of a glace it turned out. Doing this specific experiment have open my eyes to the gel medium!

The last and best way to make donut icing is the same method I explained in the first process. But instead of using old icing clay, I used all TLS with "maybe" a tiny bit of clay to thicken it up. I just got some TLS and added the pastel. Then I mixed both up till I had the shade I wanted. Then I used a tooth pick to lay it on. I spread it around to all the areas till I had it the way I wanted. Since this was my second technique at the icing, I had the unbaked donut sitting around. So I the icing dipped down more while I was working on the other methods. So my tip here is once you get the icing the way you want it throw it in the oven asap! Or the icing will pour down onto the surface of whatever you got it on.

Overall, I learned a lot from this experiment and I'll definitely will be using my last method to sweeten up my donuts every time. I hope this was useful to all of you as well.

Before I go I want to give you all a sneak peak at some new rings that will be on sale soon. I like to call them "Yummy Rings" haha. I used some unused waffles and other clay pieces and made them into rings!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, take care!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blog Shop Grand Opening! Plus Resin Test Charms!

Hey all! This post is a special post because now my blog shop is open!  

I just posted all the ordering details, pictures, prices and everything that you can possibly imagine! Just check the TCS shoppe page on the top left of the blog. Actually I'm pretty scared and very excited for this all at the same time! Its been my dream for a long time and now its in the flesh!

As far as what's in the shop I only have my cake cell phone charms but as time moves on I will post more items of all kinds! If you have any questions you can comment here or e-mail me at candysanctuary@hotmail.com! I also just posted a feedback page as well.

I'm really excited guys, wish me luck!

Besides that I have some really great pictures of the resin charms and a upcoming post about icing on clay donuts. For now you can take a look at the first resin charms I made a month ago!

 All of them in their glory! My favorite is the lollipop!

 If you look closely you can see the blue sparkles! 

 For this batch I use a bigger blue glitter. I love all the colors that you can see from it!

I added too much pigment to the pink resin so if you warm this charm with your hands enough it will become flexible. Live and learn right haha?

 I love the blue blotches in the back of the heart! I wish more of those showed in the front!

 This one reminds me of a nebula

 I really like this one, it reminds me of a fancy chocolate!

 Thanks for looking and don't forget to check out the shop in the TCS shop page! Tell all your friends about it. See you all soon!

The Feedback Page

Hey all, you can place all feedback of your orders here!

Thank you!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sakura Sunday!

Yesterday I went to my city's sakura festival! It was kinda last minute and I almost didn't go because I didn't get much sleep that night before. But I got my lazy buns off my bed to go, my older sister as well!

The park was beautiful and full of sakura trees!

My very favorite picture!

After we got in, a huge group of lolitas came together to have their pictures taken. Of course I run right up to the group and start snapping shots as well. They all look so wonderful!

Me and my sister pretty much watched all the performances.  The first one was a drum group, then a geisha group, and finally a really cute all girl pop(ish) group. After wards we took pictures with them.

After that when the event was over me and my sister walked around. I met up with old friends, staff from Zenkaikon, and con goers. Then I saw the most beautiful wood umbrellas and got one. I don't have a picture of it but its bright pink with flowers and birds painted on it.

It was a pretty fun day and I'm really sore from holding the camera up to take the pictures of the performances.

Take care everyone!  

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Design Suggestions?

Hey my loves!

Spring is here and that only mean one thing. Time for a new blog face left!

Now I'm not overhauling the blog like I did a few months ago but changing the banner and the blog's background. I've had a few ideas but I want to know what you guys think. The ideas I had was a spring sweets magical girl design. Or even a cute pattern like the ones below. The pictures are some of the inspirations I have about the new blog design. 

This one is my favoirte of the bunch, I'm thinking about a pattern like that! 

So don't be shy, throw out some ideas!

In other news, I'm still working on the charms for the Blog store. I just gotten my package of new gold head pins so I'll be able to make more cake charms without worrying about the screw in head pins. I'm also adding icing to some donut charms that I made a while ago. They look good even without the icing so I can't wait to see the finished project! I'll take pictures post them as well as my resin charms that I made a while back.

Thanks for reading everyone take care!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Cosplay Pictures

Hey all!

After a billion years I'm finally posting the cosplay pictures from the con I staffed a few weeks ago. My posts have been kinda slim but don't worry I've been doing a lot involving my beloved Candy Sanctuary Shop! Maybe I'll throw a progress shot or something later on. In any event here's all the cosplay pictures I took at the con. 

A super cute Fullmetal alchemist (maid?) cosplay!

 Ah yes, the three Black Butlers and Grill that was having a ball before my Gofer ops table!

 A random loltia that I saw on the elevator, the picture came out well!

A resident evil and Full Moon cosplay, I love the combination!

 Bridget from Guilty Gear, I have to admit. This was one of my favorite cosplay of the whole con. *q*

FF13 Lightening except with no pink wig.

Len from the vocaloid series.

Hahahaha, when I saw this I totally flipped out QUAIL MAN from Doug. So many memories.

A lot of people here, the first two from the Final Fantasy series, the one in the middle is from Homestuck and the last one is Beauty and the beast. 

Agito from Air Gear

Really random Naruto and Organization 13 cosplay combination. XD

WOOT Shugo Chara Amu and Haruhi Suzumiya cosplay!

Chi from Chobits in that lovely pink dress that I always adored! 

Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon!

Hetalia cosplay, I don't know who is who since I don't watch that anime. XD

 Epically cute guy is freak'en CUTE. Me and the gang hung out with him and his crew and GOSH I loved staring him down. *w*. Then at the rave on Saturday night I  totally gave him one of my glow sticks when we were dancing. I felt so awesome *explodes* His chest was out then too. The only problem was that his was 17! I'm going to be 22 next month. *cries in corner* Damn it, there isn't any cute guys where I live AT ALL. 

I've seen a lot of Black Butler cosplay at the con. On Saturday morning there were 3-4 Sebastian's hanging out all morning doing their antics (see the other BB coplay near the top). It was awesome.
Thief Bakura for the win! I really like this cosplay a lot!

 Pretty much a guy in some epic punk clothing. Its a shame that his hiding his gorgeous face under the gas mask. He was at the rave too and he took his mask off and had the pretties hair ever. *swoons* 

Resident evil cosplay! The girl on the left we hung out on friday with the epic cute guy. It was a lot of fun!

 UHHHH I'm not sure who he was cosplaying haha.

 Pokemon gijinka cosplay

DBZ! I love the posing. I took a picture of it randomly when I saw them doing it.

 FF13! I was happy to see more then one lightening through the con. I loved them both. Lightening is such an awesome character. I can't say that about Snow, his just..UGH. But I do love this cosplay, he looks just like him!
And me before I went to the rave. I threw on a zillion glow sticks on my tripp pants! 

The most ADORABLE card captor Sakura I've ever seen! The outfit is perfect and gosh she's just so cute! 

 F yeah sweet lolita's FOR THE WIN!

 Another of my favorite cosplay's is this Mew Mew Pudding from Tokyo Mew Mew. I love that show and I love Mew Pudding!

 I got a single picture of the Pokemon gijinka's, I really love both of them. I want to do that in the future if I ever cosplay! 

I hope you enjoy all these pictures! They are really huge too if you click on them since I was too lazy to size them down. 

Take care everyone!
Images by Freepik