Friday, April 1, 2011

Cosplay Pictures

Hey all!

After a billion years I'm finally posting the cosplay pictures from the con I staffed a few weeks ago. My posts have been kinda slim but don't worry I've been doing a lot involving my beloved Candy Sanctuary Shop! Maybe I'll throw a progress shot or something later on. In any event here's all the cosplay pictures I took at the con. 

A super cute Fullmetal alchemist (maid?) cosplay!

 Ah yes, the three Black Butlers and Grill that was having a ball before my Gofer ops table!

 A random loltia that I saw on the elevator, the picture came out well!

A resident evil and Full Moon cosplay, I love the combination!

 Bridget from Guilty Gear, I have to admit. This was one of my favorite cosplay of the whole con. *q*

FF13 Lightening except with no pink wig.

Len from the vocaloid series.

Hahahaha, when I saw this I totally flipped out QUAIL MAN from Doug. So many memories.

A lot of people here, the first two from the Final Fantasy series, the one in the middle is from Homestuck and the last one is Beauty and the beast. 

Agito from Air Gear

Really random Naruto and Organization 13 cosplay combination. XD

WOOT Shugo Chara Amu and Haruhi Suzumiya cosplay!

Chi from Chobits in that lovely pink dress that I always adored! 

Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon!

Hetalia cosplay, I don't know who is who since I don't watch that anime. XD

 Epically cute guy is freak'en CUTE. Me and the gang hung out with him and his crew and GOSH I loved staring him down. *w*. Then at the rave on Saturday night I  totally gave him one of my glow sticks when we were dancing. I felt so awesome *explodes* His chest was out then too. The only problem was that his was 17! I'm going to be 22 next month. *cries in corner* Damn it, there isn't any cute guys where I live AT ALL. 

I've seen a lot of Black Butler cosplay at the con. On Saturday morning there were 3-4 Sebastian's hanging out all morning doing their antics (see the other BB coplay near the top). It was awesome.
Thief Bakura for the win! I really like this cosplay a lot!

 Pretty much a guy in some epic punk clothing. Its a shame that his hiding his gorgeous face under the gas mask. He was at the rave too and he took his mask off and had the pretties hair ever. *swoons* 

Resident evil cosplay! The girl on the left we hung out on friday with the epic cute guy. It was a lot of fun!

 UHHHH I'm not sure who he was cosplaying haha.

 Pokemon gijinka cosplay

DBZ! I love the posing. I took a picture of it randomly when I saw them doing it.

 FF13! I was happy to see more then one lightening through the con. I loved them both. Lightening is such an awesome character. I can't say that about Snow, his just..UGH. But I do love this cosplay, he looks just like him!
And me before I went to the rave. I threw on a zillion glow sticks on my tripp pants! 

The most ADORABLE card captor Sakura I've ever seen! The outfit is perfect and gosh she's just so cute! 

 F yeah sweet lolita's FOR THE WIN!

 Another of my favorite cosplay's is this Mew Mew Pudding from Tokyo Mew Mew. I love that show and I love Mew Pudding!

 I got a single picture of the Pokemon gijinka's, I really love both of them. I want to do that in the future if I ever cosplay! 

I hope you enjoy all these pictures! They are really huge too if you click on them since I was too lazy to size them down. 

Take care everyone!

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