Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Boys Love Cafe in Japan

love boys pocky

Oh my god, I can't tell you how excited I was to hear that an actual Boys Love Cafe actually exist! I found this video during my typical YouTube travels, after I watched a video about a "dragged-up" cafe in Japan (which I will blog about as well.) When I saw the headline of BL and cafe, OF COURSE I went front and center to see what this "cafe" was all about, and I wasn't disappointed!

It's a BL high school cafe where you can "enroll" and become a student, order some dishes and watch some yummy real life yaoi scenes!

I was so jealous of the girl, Rain, that was interviewing the place. She had a real live yaoi scene happening right in front of her. Especially since the students of this high school are so cute and adorable! You can actually find each of the student's profiles right here on the BL Cafe site.

This is probably my favorite based on looks alone, since you know... I can't read Japanese haha! He has really nice lips HOHOHO.

cute Asian Japanese boy

So awesome, I have to come to Japan very soon, once I win the lottery, to get a taste of that BL high school love! You can check out the cafe's website here:

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