Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kawaii International's: The Sweet Life!

strawberry cake Japanese kawaii

As I was browsing my fan page to see what I could blog about I ran into the status of Kawaii International's newest episode! It's all about the kawaii sweet life and holy cow I love what I'm seeing! Nothing makes me more excited than blogging about Japan, sweets and kawaii, so I'm super thrilled!

I always loved the theme of sweets so when I saw the episode's theme I was beyond excited! I don't catch Kawaii International a lot on T.V, and even when I do watch it, it's always ending! It's probably one of my favorite shows on NHK, yet I barely see it haha! But coming across their status early I'm able to plan ahead and watch it from the very beginning! So excited! :D

pancake kawaii strawberry japan

They also stream the show on their site so if I do somehow miss it, I can watch it there. There is no way in HELL I'm missing this. You can check out KI's Facebook status here to see what time you can watch it!

deco den fruit holder picture

Do you guys watch Kawaii International, I probably saw it twice actually. What was your favorite episode and why?


  1. OMG! This episode looks so interesting (*^O^*)
    I've only seen some episodes but I think Kawaii International is great ☆

    1. I know right? I'm so excited to see it when it finally comes out. I'm such a sweets addict so this is totally perfect!

      Oh awesome, I only seen a little bit too but I always enjoy it!


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