Monday, April 11, 2011

Sakura Sunday!

Yesterday I went to my city's sakura festival! It was kinda last minute and I almost didn't go because I didn't get much sleep that night before. But I got my lazy buns off my bed to go, my older sister as well!

The park was beautiful and full of sakura trees!

My very favorite picture!

After we got in, a huge group of lolitas came together to have their pictures taken. Of course I run right up to the group and start snapping shots as well. They all look so wonderful!

Me and my sister pretty much watched all the performances.  The first one was a drum group, then a geisha group, and finally a really cute all girl pop(ish) group. After wards we took pictures with them.

After that when the event was over me and my sister walked around. I met up with old friends, staff from Zenkaikon, and con goers. Then I saw the most beautiful wood umbrellas and got one. I don't have a picture of it but its bright pink with flowers and birds painted on it.

It was a pretty fun day and I'm really sore from holding the camera up to take the pictures of the performances.

Take care everyone!  

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  1. Wow this whole event looks like so much fun! :D


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