Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Earphones update and Cute Can Kill Feature!

Good afternoon!

Just another update on my earphones deco but with no pictures because I want it to be a surprise when its done! It looks great but I had the most irritating problem near the end. The container flipped up when I opened it and some of my flat back pearls splashed all over the table. I was so pissed and dropped a good amount of F-bombs. D:< Luckily though, most of them were on the table and salvageable. So I had to get my mind together from the shock and gather them up. Despite that, everything went fine and I treated myself to some dark chocolate fudge popcorn. Now I have to wait for the deco sauce and glue to dry so I can do the other side of the earphones. Then I'll be flat out done and ready to have a photo shoot for them. I really want to show these babies off so I want to take pictures of them on. As well as take them to a mall outing with me. It should be fun, I wonder what people will think since I live to be different, even when I was a kid. In fact I might take the photo shoot at the mall since its a pretty amazing place and the weather will be beautiful! 

Besides that I wanted to show everyone this amazing online store called Cute Can Kill. This is what my dreams are made of, sugar, cute animals, sparkles, and covered with pastel colors. With my latest fashion obsession with fairy kei, I was instantly impressed with all the candy coated handmade jewelry and accessories. Their clay pieces are amazingly simple yet detailed and truly inspiring! I wanted to try my hand at making a carousel horse before but now seeing how wonderful these pendants are, I want go forward and try my own. There are so many wonderful pieces that I can't go through them all. See all the sugary goodness yourself here on their web shop and their facebook

Thanks for viewing guys! 

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