Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Playing with Resin!

Encased in sweets!

Hey all! Thank you for all the wonderful comments on the last post, I'm glad that it touched on a lot of peoples hearts. I'll be more then happy to continue posting ways to have a happy and joyful life!

Today I'm proud to show you all my first time making resin charms. I had the materials for a long time but due to my fear of the unknown (and its toxins) I never used them. But then a flash of inspiration stuck me yesterday giving me the strength to just get up and go! So today after watching some T.V I went through my resin book and went on to create some test pieces! They are still curing now and I hope that they can cure properly since I can only make them in the share kitchen, it can get really cold at night so cross your fingers for me! I did take pictures of the WIP when I added my lollipop charms in some of the thickening resin. I also used the left over resin to test out the mica I brought to color the resin. Its called Blackstar Blue and gosh its PRETTY. Its black but has a gorgeous blue highlight to it. I can't wait to see those when they cure completely.

The process wasn't as bad as I thought, the thing that freaks me out the most is the toxins of the chemicals and the precautions you have to make like a respirator and such. After going through the whole process I'm quite delighted! Its the same thing I do when I use silicone as far as the safety goes, respirator, gloves, and a careful eye haha. If this batch comes out well I'll be so excited! I had so many ideas for charm ideas and such but didn't have the guts to ever try resin. I'm pretty sure this will change things!

Also I have some really exciting news! If you see the tab on the upper left corner you'll see it reads "The Candy Sanctuary Shoppe" which only means that I'm close to start selling. I'll use this blog to sell the my charms while I make the official site for them in the mean time. I'm hoping to build a following and cliental through all this, after all it is my dream and passion! :D

Thanks for reading and viewing, take care everyone!


  1. Aww congrats on trying out Resin! The most important part is really that you're in a well ventilated environment :) for me I usually work with that outside of my usual work area to the living room.

  2. Thank you so much!

    Yeah, your right. I have no place I can do it but the share kitchen. luckily the resin I use is low oder so you can't smell it outside of the share kitchen even though I still use a respirator. I can be so paranoid about these things haha. The lack of space was one of the reasons I didn't try resin before but I can't let that stop me forever haha.

  3. You know, I had the same problem with resin. I got some through a swap but haven't used it yet because of the toxins... Perhaps I should try. I also work with silicone so I know what to do, hehe :D
    I'd love to see the finished work! Where did you get those molds?

  4. Good luck with your website and shop! :)

    And yeah , I thought that resin is sooo toxic and everything, but when I tried it I changed my opinion about it. It's easy to use, just have to wear gloves and do everything on covered surface :) I've used almost all of mine so I think I have to buy some more :(

    The only thing I didn't know how to do was sanding down the edges after drying... Still don't know what to use.

    And my advice would be to wait untill it's completely dry. I was impatient and I wasted a lot of cabochons :D And they are realy sticky too....

    Can't wait to see them when they're done! :)

  5. @ Riechan

    The biggest advice I would give anyone that wants to use resin but it afraid of the toxin's like me is to find a room where no one goes in to. I use the share kitchen because no one goes in there. That and to get a respirator, one that blocks fumes and not dust. I wear it when I use silicone and its amazing how I can't smell a drop of it. The last thing is to get a book on it or to find a really good step by step tutorial on basic resin casting. When you got those three things you just have to dive in it haha. When I was in the process of making it I was nervous but once you do it the first time and see the resin the next day hard as a brick, you'll be hooked! :D

    Oh yes, I just added the second layer of resin, I'll post that later today. Once the pieces is done I'll post that too haha. I got that mold at esty. The person who was selling didn't want it anymore so she had it for sale. If you want buy this mold you can get them at amazon, resin obsession, or ebay.


  6. @ Mini Mo

    Thank you!

    I wish I would of tired it sooner. I probably would be a pro at it right now haha. I'm just glad that I tried it for myself and found out how easy it was like you said. I have so many ideas now and I want to buy a butt load of molds!

    Oh you can use sand paper. In fact if you google it you'll find some good tutorials on the topic. I never sanded resin by polymer clay and its pretty easy too with the same basic steps. You just need the sand paper and the other materials to do it. :)

    Haha yeah, I think I would be too afraid to go into the room before I know its cured, but I share your excitement none the less. I wanted to pop out the one piece that was done but I didn't want to try to get it out before anything else was completely done.

    Thanks again, I'll make sure that I'll post them! :D


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