Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Playing with Resin Part 2!

Hey everyone!

Thank you for all the wonderful comments yesterday! They made me feel warm and fuzzy inside and out. :D

Today I'm showing you the second part of the making of my test resin charms. I added a second layer to the molds and tested out more of my pigments for resin. Once again, the making of the resin was pretty easy, though I was a tab nervous haha. After I made my small batch I divide them into two cups so I can test two pigments and glitters with them. The first divided batch I decided to test out my red pigment with the pink glitter. Oh my goodness, the color was phenomenal! I absolutely loved it, it turned into this beautiful sparkly bright pink. That formula that I mixed for it I have to write it down because I will be making a lot with it haha. The second batch I used my blue pigment with the white glitter and its just as phenomenal. The different hues and colors from both the glitter and pigment got me addicted to them. I think you have a resin crazed person on your hands now. But that only means good things for you guys because I would be posting everyday with plenty of charms I can show and sell haha.

For those who are wondering and weary of trying resin, I highly recommend just taking a deep breath and dive into it. Honesty, as paranoid as I am about its toxins as long you have a respirator for the fumes (even though the resin I use is low odor), gloves for your hands, and the cleaning supplies cooking spray and alcohol, you'll be fine. Just find a room or space that no one frequents at. Of course you'll need to gather the supplies for it and a good tutorial, but that's easy to find a book or an online tutorial that shows you how to do resin casting. Seriously consider doing it, its like the ultimate medium for the creative mind because there is unlimited ways you can use it. :D

Okay that enough chatter from me. The next post should be the finish products, wish me luck that they come out okay! Take care all!


  1. This is great! I looove pouring resin, and yours look so adorable! I really like the mica in it. I can't wait to see what they look like when you pop them out!

  2. Thank you!

    Your right about that, pouring resin is SO exciting! The pieces are done curing now, I popped out the first square and I'm awestruck how pretty it is. :D


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