Thursday, May 5, 2011

Three inspirational sweets deco den blogs

Hey all, I just wanted to show you my favorite deco den blogs. I bookmarked a lot of blogs over the year. Yet, there are a few that I love to look at for inspiration, ideas, and just to lift my mood. All three sites are in Japanese but have pictures and crafts that are just to die for! The colors and materials they use is nothing short of amazing and I would love to be as good as them one day!

The first blog is the one and only Sweets Circle! The number one reason I love this blog is not only the great fake sweets but the tutorials and advice given on them. When I first stumble upon this blog I was amazed at all the tutorials and tips this person gave you. A lot of which is hard to find since deco den not overly popular in the states yet. Time and time again I found this blog not just inspirational but very informative as well, my favorite combination in any blog!

Candy Colored Ticket is my most recent favorite! If you want to see great sweets deco den work with resin then this is your blog. It never cease to amaze me how wonderful and creative her work is. It really pushed me to work with resin and other materials along with clay. The way she uses the clear resin to show off the bright colorful sweets in her accessories is nothing short of amazing! I'm always excited to see what she makes next and I follow her on twitter for her updates. Unique, colorful, and sweet is just the tip of the ice berg with it comes to this blog. You will be on her site for hours on end looking at her creations!  

Last but definitely not least Rainbow Cream! If you love looking at those small realistic details in sweets deco then look no farther. This is by far one of my top 5 favorites! It combines everything that I want to see in my work, detail, realistic look, and drop dead color!  I didn't know such sweets deco exists till I saw this blog. The first time I saw the blog I was looking through it for hours, I couldn't even help myself, I just had to see more! The part that I love most about Rainbow Cream's work is the realistic detail in it. The ice creams looks amazingly good as well as everything else. I was floored to know that it was fake and it was possible to achieve that level of realism! This is definitely the type to level and skill I want to get to in my own work. Making my sweets as real as possible was always on top of my list since I first started. Now seeing this blog gave me even more inspiration and respect for the sweets deco craft. 

 Rainbow Cream also has a twitter which you can follow here.

This was just the few of the many sweets deco blogs that I love to look at. I hope that this will bring even more inspiration to your crafts as it did mine. Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great day!


  1. First time commenter ^_^
    Have you ever seen this blog? If you like realistic, you'd really like them! But I can't speak Japanese, so I have no idea if there are any tutorials or anything ^^;

    Hope to buy from you someday soon!

  2. Well is is outstanding. It must have taken a lot of time to do this.

  3. Very nice. Just wondering, do you do trades?

    1. Thank you!

      I don't do trades at the moment since I haven't been super active with my crafts lately, but hopefully soon for this coming summer! :)

  4. this is wonderful, please have a look at my decoden blog, i'm a beginner on this sort of stuff (making blogs), its-

  5. I love all of the blogs you mentioned. I feel the same. I get super inspired by them.

    Please visit my blogs. It would be an honor


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