Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The crafts are back!

Hey all and welcome back to my blog! Well you probably notice that I haven't posted anything that I personally crafted in a long time. I think I explained this before but it was due to the very hot weather and my room being just too small to actively work on my crafts everyday.

Now that its Fall the weather have gotten a lot better and I knew that my passion would come back soon. But it really struck me when I started putting all my crafts onto the downstairs dinning room table. That's when my dad told me about the shelving unit that we had in the basement and he helped me put it up. Now instead of having all my supplies on the dinning room table while I'm crafting, I have a big shelf to house all my craft materials!

The shelf was finished and I started to prepare my things on the three selves, that's when I was hit with the most passion and inspiration for my work in months! All the various things that I can make flashed before my eyes and it only made my mouth water with endless creativity!

So yes expect lots of crafts, blogging, pictures, articles, inspirations, and just awesomeness for the months ahead! :D Oh yeah, do you guys like the new design I gave this place? I call it Chocolate Falls to celebrate the new season!

Thanks for reading and supporting me and I'll see you all soon!

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