Friday, April 30, 2010

New packages and ideas!

Happy Friday!

I’m happy to say that a lot of my packages have been coming in this week. Including my glow in the dark paints, resin mold, glitter, and respirator! I have about 4 or 5 more things ready to come in. One of them is containing all my jewelry making supplies. Once I get that package I can truly make my cell phone charms and trinkets, I can’t wait! I have been also making sketches of the things I want to make. A lot of them are sweets but I also have been designing pictures for my resin pendants.

Lately I’ve been checking my list of things to do and seeing that since all my materials are coming in I should focus on designing my logo and brand. I had the very rough sketch in my note book so I finally gave the time to refine it this morning. I really like the way it came out!

I like to read about design especially for a company and branding so I decided to look in one of my graphic design books. A lot of it really expressed that the design should be able to translate what the product is about with out too much design clutter. Not to mention it still have to look nice. I was absorbing everything and looked at my own logo to see how mines stand against what I was reading. I think my logo might be busy and cluttered haha. Before I had my current logo idea I had no clue on what I wanted to look like at all. I wanted to express so many things to like candies, café, rave, and the Lolita fashion that it was hard just to narrow it down to a certain genre. Then one day at work I just saw the perfect logo! It just flashed before my eyes. I sketched it down so I could remember what it looked like. Only till now I decided to draw out the logo completely. I’m planning to finish it in Photoshop too. Even though I really like the logo I’m going to play around with other ideas I have.

With my designing frenzy I wanted to sketch out my original idea of having different types of Lolita for each kind of product I had. Like for my sweets a sweet Lolita, the more tea time goodies would be represented by a gothic Lolita and so forth. For some reason I couldn’t really get a design down that I really like. Or even enjoy the process barely. It just seem like I was trying to get a blood out of a daisy. So then I decided to sketch a different mascot idea I had at while I was working. It was just a more generic girl in a “sweet punk” attire.

To my surprise I really like it. I don’t like her face or hair but the overall I enjoy the idea. Just a regular girl in really cool clothes wanting to stand out. I feel like I can identity with the character so that really tells me I should pursue this mascot design more.

Besides that I made a few ad designs, played Final Fantasy 13, and leveling up my pokemon in soul silver. XD

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings see you guys next time!

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