Sunday, March 16, 2014

Star Bell Prince Sketch

Whoa, I drew some more! I didn’t see that coming haha.

I was up early this morning and was debating with my procrastination with drawing. But I finally got over myself and sketch out an idea of a fantasy species inspired by all the adoptables that I see everywhere now.

kawaii sketch anime bell prince

They are called Bellieos (bell-e-os) and they all have themed bell hair pieces... Yeah, that’s pretty much it lol… I haven’t thought too deeply as far as back story or real info on them but I already have ideas for a cake and tea bell theme.

This one however is the very first one I thought of which was the star bell. As far as who this character is, he’s a star prince of wherever he comes from haha.

 I was going for a more cutesy royal theme for him but my clothing design skills are mega rusty *cough* a good reason to draw more *cough*.

Nonetheless I really like how it came out. Instead of focusing on the details of the outfit, like buttons and patterns, I focus on the silhouette of the outfit which was more boxy and square. Designing around that idea helped a lot getting an outfit together that I liked and imagined him with. Though, I would like to redo it so it all matches with his hair pieces better.

I might color it as well but we’ll see, till next time! :D

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