Thursday, November 25, 2010


Welcome to my sweets deco blog!

After a much needed hiatus and break I’m back with plenty of sweets deco for everyone to devour!

After a break from my sweets deco I decided to give it another go and fell in love with it all over again. I was so stressed out doing them that I just didn’t want to bother with it. But I got my “groove” back and ready to start over… again.

My break out piece is my chunky macaroon bag charm. I finished it weeks ago and was my first bag charm ever so I’m really proud of it.

This is my favorite picture of it which I posted on TheO.

All my family and friends loved the piece, so much that my mom requested one!

I have more finished pieces but I don’t want to show them all in one day.

Besides that I’m still somewhat stressing over this blog design. The one I was working on before the break I don’t like anymore, so I’m pretty much back at square one. I do have one idea that I’m going to go with just to get it out the way, a sweets menu theme! It should be fun vectoring the sweets and naming them.

Since I’m talking about art, I started working in illustrator and making vector images. It’s really fun and different from what I usually do. My art have been getting better and I have a lot more confidence in it. So much that I joined the Manga Bullet Calendar project. So you will be able to buy a calendar with my art in it!

Going back to my sweet deco adventures, I decided to deco my Sony earphones! They are small so the work space is perfect for me. It’s going to be the first time I did this kind of deco but I know it will go well. I will also make one or two x-mas macaroon towers! I brought some foam cones for the project and everything. I’m really excited to start those soon but I will need some more caulk before I start. I’m down to my last one right now.

Thanks for reading about my sweets deco and a happy thanksgiving to you all! See you next time!

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