Friday, November 26, 2010

Fairy Kei Sweets Deco Macaroon DS Charm

Do you like sweets deco with your gaming, I sure do! This next piece is my newest DS charm. The colors where inspired by the fairy kei fashion. I love love LOVE the pastel colors of the fashion and just the old vintage feel of it all. A lot of fashion reminds me of my childhood the fashion is drawn from the 80’s and 90’s after all.

Anyway, since my “Chunky Macaroon Charm” was way too big to loop in the small charm strap I had to make a smaller one, thus my fairy Kei macaroon charm was born!

My favorite part of making the macaroons was adding the very glamorous sparkles to the clay! I had brought a few different colors of sparkles earlier this year. I was going to use them for my resin, but since that never happened I thought I should experiment with them in my clay crafts. Before I made the shapes of the macaroons I just added some sparkles in the clay and kneaded it in the clay. If I didn’t see enough sparkles then I just add more. The end result was really nice though you can’t see the sparkles very well. Here’s a picture where you can see a sparkle haha.

Really exciting, but next time I’ll add more sparkles in the clay so it will show more. I want the charm to blind me!

Another reason I love this project so much because it was my first time adding swarovski crystals to my charms. Well actually the second, but it wasn’t messy and a total pain. The crystals look great in the light and just add to that girly cuteness to my macaroon charm!

I have to admit out of all the sweets I can make in sweets deco, macaroons are probably a close number one.


  1. have you ever considered selling? i'd pay tons! :D
    so kawaii!

    lydia hall

  2. Yeah, I have! I'm currently setting everything up so I can start selling them.

    Thank you so much! :D

  3. no problem! if you'd like to send me an email to your link when you have things set up, i'd be glad to buy some! :)
    u have a lot of talent. these look elegant and expensive too. so nice


  4. Hi Im interested :) Post a price pls :)

    1. Hey Kimberly! I'm so Sorry that I'm late in commenting back to you (I don't look on this blog everyday). If you're still interested, its $10 USD with $1 USD shipping. :) I'll make sure I'll throw an extra goodie for you too. If you want to email me directly my email is

      Hope to hear from you soon.


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