$5 Art Commissions!

Art Commissions Starting at $5!

$20 flat color specials: (one character per picture)

Please bear with me some samples are a few years old lol

Pony Commissions - $20 SAMPLE
Chibi Commissions - $20 SAMPLE
Custom Characters - $20 SAMPLE

Commission Prices: 

Bust Sketch $5 SAMPLE
Sketch $10 (additional characters + $4) SAMPLE
Line art- $20 (additional characters + $10) SAMPLE
Color Flat - $25 (additional characters + $10) SAMPLE
Face Icons (flat color) - $10 SAMPLE

 Payment, Rules and Etc

  •  If you're interested in buying a commission from me or have any questions please let me know though my email: audiopink@hotmail.com
  • A detailed description or even better an actual picture of the original character you want me to draw is required. If you want a custom character please provide a color scheme, theme and/or essentials for what you want your character to have, unless you want me to have creative freedom.
  • If your character has a lot of details or has detailed clothing your commission will cost more depending on the level of detail. 
  • I only take Paypal, YOU MUST PAY before I work on your picture and all commissions are non-refundable.
  • What I won’t/can’t draw: muscular bodies, robots/mechas, fetishes, erotica 
  • What I draw/ good at: girly themed things, anthros/furries, kawaii, fem boys, fan art, boys love

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