Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Where did The Candy Sanctuary go?

Wow, how late am I? I haven’t updated this place in months, haha sorry about that.

None the less I was working hard on The Candy Sanctuary. I’ve updated my accounts, made new friends, made a fan page, and gotten more followers on twitter. So things have been going well with me.

On the crafting side things have been great also. I’ve made more charms and cakes that gotten a lot of positive feedback where ever I posted them so I’m excited about that.

The first cake is my favorite: My chocolate mousse cake

My second cake the “rave cake” has gotten a lot of attention. I think it has something with the angle I took the picture in.

Then lastly my Nintendo DS donut charm, I want to make more of those..

If you want to see more pictures and charms take a look at my new fan page for The Candy Sanctuary. I update there and I post pictures on my fan page first before any where else so you can view new creations before anyone. Don’t forget to become a fan too!

Also, I’m relearning HTML so I can edit and custom design my blogger page. I want the design to be very sweet with plenty of pastel colors. I also want to make a random girl for it too to complete the look.

So that’s about it. I’m going to try to post everyday about different things so this place won’t collect dust again.

Thanks for reading!

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