Friday, November 8, 2013

Radiant You WIP

So for this WIP I felt like drawing how I felt today, which was really radiant and high energy via rounds of EFT! There is nothing much I can say about this but just allow yourself a little bit of positivity even when you're environment isn't as enchanting. These things do past but we have to allow ourselves to move past them as well. So don't get caught up in any bullshit you find yourself in haha.

For the picture itself I wanted to draw something different but I'm so rusty at drawing UGHFUCKUGH. I had this amazing image in my head but my hands were not so sure about the execution. So I just scrapped my original idea and went for a portrait piece. I decided on a unicorn girl because I freaking love unicorns and I think they represent radiance quite well.

I wanted to show that you can shine your light and still be brilliant, because as artists we tend to get so into our feelings of doubt and fear that we forget how great we are. Showing my own radiance through my works is a huge thing I'm working on, thus why you're seeing this right now. Even though I remember the reason why I'm an artist in the first place, my overly critical feelings still run the show. But I'm giving them all the boot, fuck it. No more will I withhold my radiance and neither should you, whoever might be reading this haha.

Also, as a super great step ahead I recorded myself drawing this on the computer. I plan on making a video about this and the topic of being radiant as an artist. It's something I'm really excited to do so look out for that in the next week or two!

This is really too long, I'll talk to you all soon, take care!

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