Monday, May 12, 2014

Meet Sakaki Line Art

Ahh, a fully done picture (well, sort of it’s just line art), didn’t see that happening this century ha-ha…

fursona anime line art yours truly

This is probably my first completed line art in a while but none the less I’m super proud! I’ve been working on getting my drawing skills back up to date since my semi-hiatus a few years back (which was totally unintended).

This is Sakaki, my new fursona that I’ll be using for now on since I’ve recently discovered that I was agender, yay! I draw him as a boy (though he has no gender) and refer to him as a male so yeah, have fun with that. ;P

Basically, he’s a prince that likes pink, “girly” things, sweets and being an eternal child… You know, shit I already like. XD He lives in a pastel pink castle where everyone waits on him hand and foot. His biggest aspirations (though not mine in real life… sort of just not my main focus ugghhnn…) is having another prince for a boyfriend.

Okay… I’m not that shallow but you get the point, I’m living out my fantasies….Yaayyyyy…

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