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Polymer clay whip cream tutorial

How to make polymer clay whip cream

So if you saw my last post “polymer clay cupcakes” I think you know where going over.
“Polymer clay cream”

One the biggest challenges for beginners when it comes to making clay pastries are the icing/whip cream. I know when I wanted to start making cupcake charms I wanted to look realistic but really cute and the whip cream look is right on top of that list. But once again I have no clue how to make it; people want to keep it “secret” which makes looking for tutorials and ways to make it super hard. Do not fret; there are easy tutorials on making polymer clay whip cream and icing. Which I will show you and have links to.

First and foremost you will need TLS, Translucent Liquid Sculpey. TLS is just liquid clay that turns clear after its cured. You can use for a lot of things like.

Use is as a glue to mount clay pieces together.

Make clay whip cream/icing/syrup out of

Use it on your head pin before sticking it in your clay and baking it so the head pin it won’t fall out easily.

Transfer images on to clay (we’ll go over this later on)

The second thing that you will need is white polymer clay. A small container to mix it all in. last but not least some kind of thick stick or something to mix and mash the clay into the TLS.

Here are the steps.

Take some TLS and pour some in the container as much as you think you will for your cupcake.

Take some white clay (a nice equal amount to the TLS) to and soften it up as much as you can by shaping and molding it with your hands. The warmth of your hands makes it softer.

Break it up into small pieces and throw it in the TLS.

Now take your stick object (something that can smash and stir the clay up) and still smashing the clay into the TLS. It’s a little hard at first but you have to keep smashing till it turns into a creamy texture.

Depending how thick or thin you want the cream to be you can add more TLS or clay in it.
Take your stick or a tooth pick take some of the clay cream and start wrapping it on to your cupcake.

Play with the cream to make it a swirly shape farther till you’re happy with it.

Congrats you’re done! Easy stuff…

Now on to the video tutorials!

misslove889’s tutorial

GentlemanBunny’s tutorial

Who knew making whipped cream out of polymer clay was so easy!

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