Friday, May 3, 2013

My Little Pony Ponysona

Hey everyone, sorry for the absence!

I haven't been scanning my drawings that I did in March, yes March haha. Anyway, since I did those drawings I fell in a slight slump of not drawing, but I'm working to get back out of it. Doing some fan ponies really did the trick! I never drew myself as a MLP styled pony so I decided to try my hand at it. I love drawing myself in different cartoon universes, it's probably my top thing to draw haha. Maybe because I have Scorpio as my ascendant sign and apparently we like to change ourselves quite a bit haha!

Anyway, this is the sketch that I worked a couple of nights on. Time wise I didn't work that long on it. I decided to name my ponysona "Prism" since I love crystals, prisms and the healing properties of such. And of course since I LOVE unicorns I made myself as an unicorn pony with a horn made of crystal.

I guess my special talent (which I taken from my actual talent) is the ability to help people achieve their dreams. I love talking and writing about it so it's perfect to add it in my pony self. I have to work on the cutie mark and the colors. Though I know the basic colors in my head. Lets hope I actually finish this haha! Thanks for looking guys! I've been addicted to MLP for a while now and it got worst when the third season came on Netflix not too long ago. I can watch that show for hours haha!

Here is another WIP I was working on some time ago, funny enough till today I completely forgot about it haha!

Thanks a ton for looking, again haha! 

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