Friday, December 13, 2013

Anime Art I Love: Lump of Sugar

anime girl group picture

I recently found this art and I wanted to share with you all how much I love it!

This art is from Lump of Sugar, which is mainly an adult visual novel company. Even though I HATE hentai and things of that nature I really adore their art.  

I got to say, once upon a time I didn't like the more traditional kawaii moe style of anime art. But I was coming off of people saying how "generic" of a style it was. Even if that is true, it's one of my favorite styles of anime flat out.

school girl cute anime

pink uniform girl anime

The bright happy colors of big eye school girls always inspires me to draw hands down. It's something in the style, the way they do the line art and just the innocence and happiness that is infused in it that attracts me. No doubt that drawing girly or sweet things is my thing but seeing works like this makes me want to indulge in it even more. 

sweet anime blue girl candy

Even though this is from an adult game, I can appreciate and enjoy its more tasteful visual content. In fact, I tend to love the art style of most "adult" animes/games but never indulge in them for obvious reasons, it's just not my thing. However I can get behind yaoi or any boyxboy pairing HAR HAR HAR.

fox kitsune girl

purple eye anime girl

You can find Lump of Sugar's website here which is in all Japanese. And holy cow, even their website is super cute but I can't guarantee that everything will be "family friendly." So proceed with caution!  

colorful visual novel anime

Stay sweet and see you next time!


  1. i like this anime! your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too<3


  2. I like anime, I find it very interesting! :)

  3. This art style is adorable. I felt the same way about a game called Flyable Heart. Love the cute style, hate the hentai.

    1. It's crazy how the cutest art styles seems to be geared towards hentai, I see it a lot in mangas too. I can smell it a mile away these days, luckily when they do have more family friendly pictures, it's a huge treat! :D

  4. Aww the art style looks so cute, I hate how some anime's with really great styles have like nudeness/something sex related in every picture >.< Makes it so hard to find a good anime background sometimes.

    ~ Sann


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